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UPDATE: 6-14-2010


When my sister went to JUDGE STEVE NATION in 1999 and got permission to move my 17 year old daughter out of the state of Indiana to West Virginia; and my 17 year old daughter was taken by car to her grandmother's house( Luvenia Edwards,Chevalier, Hall), she was driven by John Milton Edwards, Jr. the same person who had molested her since she was 6 months old and later raped her in her grandmother's house in Charleston, West virginia. This grandmother, Luvenia Edwards Chevalier, was the person that supplied the money for the BRIBE to keep her CHILD MOLESTER SON, JOHN MILTON EDWARDS JR., from being prosecuted. During the Kangaroo Court Case STEVE NATION WAS THE PROSECUTER who refused to even have this monster interviewed by the police!!!! SONIA LEERKAMP WAS IN THE PROSECUTER'S OFFICE AND HAD TO HAVE KNOWN ABOUT THIS CASE!!!!!! On the court docket listed as # 0029 on the date of 12/22/86 the entry reads: MOTION TO RECONSIDER DENIED AND OVERRULED.RECOMMENDED and APPROVED ; PAUL G. SMITH, MASTER COMMISSIONER. Pt./ SONIA LEERKAMP. This proves that SONIA LEERKAMP KNEW all about my daughter being molested and the report from the Hamilton County Department of Welfare!!!!!.. Sonia Leerkamp was the Prosecuter for Hamilton County in 1999 and she had absolutely NO problem with PROSECUTUNG the Victim for having a breakdown when she was 17 years old after an entire lifetime of sexual and physical abuse from JOHN MILTON EDWARDS, JR. Sonia Leerkamp had to have known about what went on during that 1986-87 KANGAROO COURT CASE and that the PREDATOR JOHN MILTON EDWARDS,JR. had FAILED over 200 LIE DETECTOR Tests before he finally passed one!!!! The Private EXPERT hired by the PREDATOR and his family testified in court to this information and it is in the KANGAROO COURT RECORDS in 1986-87 case; and yet this Monster was never even interviewed by the NOBLESVILLE POLICE DEPARTMENT. Now to connect my sister (PIG TWAT) who in 1985-86-87 went by the name of MARY LEE COOPER MEADOWS and had previously lived in Fort Wayne, Indiana and had one son whom she had NOT aborted named Stuart Daniel Meadows. This sister whom I have avoided most of my adult life suddenly became very friendly and repeatedly started visiting me and my two children. Needless to say since she was my sister I told her about the molesting and what was going on and about the case; because I had no idea that this piece of HUMAN GARBAGE would stoop that low as to take what I was telling her and support the PREDATOR and his family--I EVEN ASKED HER ON MORE THAN ONE OCCASION ABOUT SOME THINGS THAT I WAS STARTING TO WONDER ABOUT;BUT SHE ALWAYS LIED OUT OF IT, AND I WAS SO STUPID I TRUSTED HER!!! Mary had repeatedly told me since she was about 10 years old that I was CRAZY. Mary was about ten years old when she discovered SOMETHING between her legs and she concluded that I had to be crazy!!!! I had ignored this behavior for years because I thought that she thought that she had the keys to Fort Knox between her legs. At the time when I was getting a divorce and later the KANGAROO COURT CASE I desperately needed a support system from someone. Before Christmas in 1986 Mary Lee Cooper Meadows showed up at my house with Christmas presents for my son and daughter. MARY LEE COOPER MEADOWS had NEVER given my children a present of any kind and HAS NEVER GIVEN THEM anything since. When my son and daughter opened their Christmas presents, they each had a new outfit. I thanked my sister and she stated:::::"THEY CAN WEAR THOSE CLOTHES WHEN THEY GO TO COURT." My reply was, "THEY AREN'T GOING TO COURT." MARY LEE COOPER MEADOWS then stated: " Oh, they're going to court." THIS WAS ABSOLUTELY the First Time I HAD HEARD THIS and I thought PIG TWAT(MARY LEE COOPER MEADOWS) didn't know what she was talking about and that ended the conversation on that. Sometime after Christmas when the case had resumed, my sister MARY LEE COOPER MEADOWS called me one evening to ask me how the kids liked their new clothes. I stated that they liked them and had frequently worn them. She then stated," I've never seen them in the outfits I bought them and be sure and put them on them tomorrow! I told her that I would have to make sure they were clean; and I promised her that I would put the new outfits on them the next day because I got the impression that she was going to visit us the following evening. THE NEXT DAY IN KANGAROO COURT AS THE COURT WAS BEING RECESSED , I SAW BOTH MY CHILDREN GOING ALONG THE SIDE OF THE COURTROOM TO THE BACK WHERE THE JUDGE GOES AFTER COURT. KEITH LEACH, MY ATTORNEY TOLD ME THAT HE DID NOT EVEN KNOW THAT THE CHILDREN WERE THERE!!!! MY CHILDREN HAD BEEN PICKED UP AT SCHOOL AND TAKEN TO BE INTERVIEWED ON TAPE AFTER THE PREDATOR HAD HAD MONTHS OF VISITS SUPERVISED BY HIS FRIENDS!!!!! THIS WAS A PREDATOR WHO HAD PHYSICALLY ABUSED EVERYONE IN THAT FAMILY ALMOST ON A DAILY BASIS!!!! THIS WAS KANGAROO COURT AT ITS FINEST! IS THAT CALLED WITNESS TAMPERING WHEN THE PREDATOR WHO HAD A HISTORY OF ABUSE IN 5 STATES IS GIVEN ACCESS TO HIS VICTIMS??? Dr. and Mrs. Bailey( this stupid do-gooder taught Business Classes at Noblesville High School), you deserve the Stupid Award of the century for allowing a 5 year old child to be abused by the Predator, while you were sitting in church thinking that everything was just fine! Both of you should crawl in a hole and be so embarrassed for being so stupid!!!! THE OUTFITS that MARY LEE COOPER MEADOWS purchased for my son and daughter for Christmas 1986 and that PIG TWAT MANIPULATED ME INTO PUTTING ON THEM THE DAY THEY WERE TO GO TO COURT IN 1987; and that they were wearing for the TAPED KANGAROO COURT INTERVIEW were: MY SON HAD ON BLACK CORDUROY PANTS AND A RED PLAID SHIRT OF FLANNEL LIKE FABRIC; MY DAUGHTER WAS WEARING A BRIGHT PINK CORDUROY JUMPER WITH A SILKY FABRIC WHITE BLOUSE. Needless to say Mary Lee Cooper Meadows DID NOT visit us that evening. I have never seen the kangaroo court video tape; Mary Lee Cooper Meadows purchased the 1986 Christmas outfits from Sears in Castleton!!!! I was so isolated and without ANY support system this PIG TWAT MARY LEE COOPER MEADOWS was still able to explain any and everything that took place and to continue to come to my home to "VISIT". HOW DID MARY LEE COOPER MEADOWS KNOW THAT MY CHILDREN WERE GOING TO COURT BEFORE I DID AND PIG TWAT EVEN KNEW THE DAY????? The answer is because MARY LEE COOPER MEADOWS CARTER, MOTHER of STUART DANIEL MEADOWS, was in this BRIBE case from the very beginning. When JUDGE STEVE NATION gave permission to transport a 17 year old from Indiana to West Virginia there was a long history between the predator, the prosecuter's office and JUDGE JERRY BARR and the grandmother who allowed her grand-daughter to be raped at her home and this same grand-mother furnished the BRIBE money. There are too many coincidences in this case. Another thing that really stands out to me was that PIG TWAT made the statement to me during the second kangaroo court case, involving the 17 year old victim that was in the process of having a breakdown, was how " GOOD LOOKING AND HOW SEXY JUDGE STEVE NATION WAS"!!!!! I even thought at the time what an inappropiate remark!!!!


I have a few more comments on the CARMEL High School ADULTS that are being charged with a misdemeanor by SONIA LEERKAMP. There is another case in another state where 16 year olds are being charged as adults for RAPE. THESE students are being charged as adults for RAPE ( the Alleged Rape was of a girl with a foreign object) and there were witnesses but NO video tape. Sonia Leerkamp charges adults (that she refers to as kids) with a misdemeanor!!!! The now 19 year old Alleged Predator 's attorney was in the newspaper stating the case should be moved out of Hamilton County because everyone is entitled to a fair trail!!!!! How about the fact that the victim is entitled to the prosecuter's office doing its job Without Manipulating the evidence and trying to deminish the crime!!!!! In another article I read some one made a statement about how devastated the ALLEGED PREDATORS families are by all this. I can only say that the word DEVASTATED should be reserved for the Victims and their Families. What I have observed is that SEXUAL PREDATORS' Families are very angry that these monsters are even accused of a sexual crime and their interest is in Protecting the Predator and letting them have a LIFE and Passing Predators Off as NORMAL!!!!!

UpDate: 5-24-10



This was a statement that the pictured child molester, rapist, child abuser, and wife beater used constantly--and Sonia Leerkamp has proven this statement to be true in Hamilton County as she puts on her performance as the so called prosecutor when in fact she is functioning as the BEST DEFENCE ATTORNEY possible for the alleged rapists from Carmel High School. In the newspaper yesterday sonia was again supporting her alleged rapists. She gave more information so that she could defend the alleged rapists of a young boy. USING A FOREIGN OBJECT TO STICK UP A CHILD IS STILL RAPE!!!!!!! RAPE IS RAPE!!!!!! Look on the child molesting report from Hamilton County Dept. of Welfare and you will find that the pictured child rapist first used his fingers!!!!! He then progressed to actual rape of a child at his darling mother's house several years later!!!!!! Are you getting the picture!!!!!! I got the impression that by giving the public more information, Sonia was trying to justify her behavior in covering up and manipulating this case to avoid the law applying to the alleged rapists. Is that why you did this, Sonia????? When she minimized earlier about the victim going to the ER, she continued to defend the alleged rapisrs. THESE victims go to the ER for the reasons of BLEEDING and Pain from tearing of the Intestines and Sonia seems to think this is NOTHING!!!!! Sonia also made the statement that their was conflicting statements from the the witnesses. Well, Sonia, how about the VIDEO TAPE ON THE SCHOOL BUS (over fifty STUDENTS) that was "ACCIDENTLY" destroyed. WAS THIS TAPE "ACCIDENTLY" DESTROYED BEFORE OR AFTER THE SCHOOL ATTORNEY CALLED THE INSURANCE COMPANY TO FIND OUT ABOUT THEIR LIABILITY INSURANCE????? Sonia, I didn't know that schools were supposed to call the school attorney and the insurance company BEFORE the school reports a crime!!!! This cover-up has a STINK to it. I know you learned your Prosecuting skills from STEVE NATION who REFUSED to prosecute the Pictured RAPIST because a little girl who had just turned 5 and who had been molested since she was 6 MONTHS OLD could not give the date and time!!!! Steve Nation will be pleased to know that she could still not give the date and time when she was repeatedly Raped at her grandmother's house in West Virginia a few years later!!!!. When she was 17 and handcuffed and taken in a police car to the jail for cursing out the Noblesville Police when she was in the process of having a breakdown from an entire lifetime of abuse that was condoned by Hamilton County, I bet she was charged with the same thing as your alleged RAPISTS. The Judge that prosecuted her was Steve Nation who had moved on up in the kangaroo court system in Hamilton County. WHEN STEVE NATION SENT A 17 YEAR OLD VICTIM OUT OF STATE WITH THE CHILD MOLESTER TO GO TO HER GRANDMOTHER'S STEVE WAS SENDING HER TO THE PLACE WHERE SHE HAD BEEN RAPED AND TO THE PERSON THAT SUPPLIED THE MONEY FOR THE BRIBE!!!!!! Steve, what do you have to say for yourself!!!! Another tidbit of information that might interest the public is that at the time my children's child psychiatrist made a statement to me in her office when I had taken both children for therapy, I did not know that the molester had bought his way out of prosecution. I had made a statement that their grandmother (the molester's mother) was really nice to the children and took them on vacations, restrauants, and bought gifts that I could never have afforded as a single parent; the M. D. child psychiatrist made the statement to me "there is no way that woman could be NORMAL and produced "THAT" " "THAT" was how she referred to the molester. The child psychiatrist had spend an hour with the children's father several years before when I had taken my son to her prior to my divorce and the Hamilton County's kangaroo court case. Everyone needs to keep this in mind when they are criticizing the victim's family--they are the parents of the victim. I think the alleged rapists family is probably much more interesting than the victim family's parenting skills!!!!! I know that with the pictured rapist their were excuses made for his behavior by his family-- an axample is that he had totaled 3 cars before he was 18; but their excuse was" SOMETHING WAS WRONG WITH THE WAY THESE CARS WERE MADE OR IT WAS SOMEONE ELSE'S FAULT!!!!! NOTHING WAS EVER HIS FAULT. Get the picture!!!!! Making excuses for inappropiate behavior doesn't work--especially when the person that is supposed to prosecute you is acting as the defence attorney!!!!! I would suggest to the prosecutor in Hendricks County that she STOP following in Hamilton County's cover-up and to do her job, since the school bus alleged RAPE took place in her county. TO PUT IT BLUNTLY, STOP KISSING SONIA LEERKAMP'S ASS AND BOWING DOWN TO HAMILTON COUNTY'S CORRUPT COURT SYSTEM!!! HOW ABOUT ACTING LIKE A REAL PROSECUTOR!!!!!!

UpDate: 5-20-2010

Rape is a Misdemeanor Crime in Hamilton County

According to Sonia Leerkamp,Hamilton County Prosecutor. Sonia Leerkamp has repeatedly called the alleged rapists "kids" and continues to try to minimize the fact that a 14 year old boy was RAPED. Sonia knew exactly what she was doing when she covers up the evidence and doesn't even release the ages of the so called " kids" until it becomes public knowledge that these "kids" are 18 years old and are ADULTS. Sonia has manipulated and covered up in this case to assure that the alleged RAPISTS are given every consideration so they can walk away free without being prosecuted. For example, she calls a Grand Jury and she knows that in Hamilton County the chances of the Grand Jury returning a decision of a felony on anyone from Hamilton County is practically zero--Hamilton County likes to keep its dirty little secrets and protect its own. Just how many Grand Jury cases in Hamilton County are rape cases? I suspect that Sonia knew all along that she could cover up evidence and manipulate the public to cover a child rape case and Hamilton County goes back to its corrupt self and calls raping a child "HAZING" Any time you have 18 year old ADULT MEN holding down a child and raping , these Alleged RAPIST have some very serious problems with the need to control their victim--this behavior is NOT NORMAL no matter how many excuses Sonia Leerkamp makes for the ADULTS, and I bet you that this will NOT be the end of their sexual assaults. But Sonia wants to make sure that these SEXUAL PREDATORS are turned loose on the publics and these SEXUAL PREDATORS will be passed off as NORMAL to the unsuspecting public. This means that when they go off to college the other students will not have a clue that they got away with RAPE in Hamilton County thanks to Sonia Leerkamp and her manuevers to cover up CHILD ABUSE and act like Justice was done. This is enough to make you sick. Yesterday Sonia Leerkamp acted like she was amazed that the child was RAPED more than TWO TIMES. It was as if Two was an insignificant number and TWO RAPES were fine with her. Sonia Leerkamp doesn't seem to understand that just ONE RAPE destroys the victims life and the victim may need therapy for as much as TWENTY YEARS or their ENTIRE LIFE to deal with the after effects of RAPE . As the parent of a victim of child molesting and RAPE of a child I can say that the parents of the victim will be dealing with this for probably the rest of their lives and therapy sessions will be part of their lives long after the RAPISTS have ;moved on and probably RAPED someone else. The chances of a Rapist having a one time episode and never doing this again are practically zero--especially for RAPISTS who have their SEXUAL ASSAULT labeled as a MISDEMEANOR. In today's paper Sonia is quoted as saying that the inappropiate behavior while the alleged RAPISTS were in Jail appeared to her as KIDS( SONIA, THESE ARE ADULTS) tryng to relieve stress. Sonia, that is ridiculous even for you!!!! Observe the behavior when the four were released and the solemn faces and subdued body language--they all knew that the news media would be out waiting on them. Now Sonia take a good look at the facial expressions on three of the four while they were in jail where they thought they could relax and enjoy themselves--the pictures taken from the jail shows how they really feel about all this. Look at the absolute joy on their faces and how pleased they are with THEMSELVES. Sonia, I would be so glad to tell you that instead of stress what you are observing is SOCIOPATHIC BEHAVIOR--the remorseful looks and body language are their public image, but what it looks like to me with their big grins is: WE GOT AWAY WITH RAPE!!!! The remorseful behaviors are for court and public images, but you Sonia, got a chance to see what you are really dealing with and it's not kids after a hazing episode.

My comments on the coaches that were present when the RAPE took place and the coach that was told after the first RAPE; what do you mean they just resigned? What are they doing with teaching credentials? If teaching is anything like nursing,social work or etc. you can lose your license for failing to report child abuse--let alone a RAPE!!! But I forgot this is Hamilton County and we have to all keep up this long tradition of covering up deviant behavior as we have in the past, and continue to have Kangaroo Court. I have been told by numerous police officers that they didn't think you even knew that bribes were going on when my ex-husband bought a Judge to get away with child molesting. They all thought you were too dumb--but Sonia after this manipulation, I wonder if you are just dumb or devious?

Up Date: 5-17-2010

Additional comments:

Sonia Leerkamp has continued to make excuses and show her support for sexual predators and has referred to the predators that allegedly held a child down and sodomized him (penetration) as children. As a parent from Hamilton County, I can say that when my son was a senior in high school at Noblesville High School my son had turned 18 and was in therapy for the night mare he had grown up in thanks to Hamilton County's protection of the child molester, child abuser, and with a history of domestic violence in 5 states; my son was having a problem with tardiness because I could not get him out of the shower in time to be on time for school--he was a few minutes late just about everyday. The school called and threatened to take me to court before the school realized that my son was 18. My son who had been abused his entire life and had no other school related problems was threatened that he would be taken to court and etc... BECAUSE HE WAS AN ADULT AND THAT HE WOULD BE DEALT WITH AS AN ADULT FOR BEING TARDY!!!! Sonia who was in the Prosecutor's Office referred to these molesters as KIDS,. but Sonia these KIDS are 18!!!!! Sonia also stated that these KIDS need to be taught boundaries!!!!!!! The shown child molester whose picture appears on this website was told by his mother Luvenia Edwards Chevalier Hall to "keep his hands to himself" and every excuse was made for his deviant behavior!!!! This incident with the tardiness was in 1998. In 1999 my daughter was a senior at Noblesville and started acting out mainly at home and she was also in therapy. Even though I am a nurse, as a parent I did not know what was just being a teenager or what was more of a problem. Right after the Easter weekend my daughter called the Noblesville Police as a 911 call to report that I would not let her go to the library instead of helping me with something. I did not even know that the police had been called until they showed to arrest me for child abuse my daughter was 17. When the police did not arrest me she became upset and cursed them out and she was arrested and handcuffed and taken to jail!!!!!!! She was taken to juvenile hall and was locked up. I was not allowed to even see or visit her because I had been accused of child abuse -which amounted to not letting her go to the library and only allowing her to take the SAT test but one time!!! She was examined by a therapist or psychologist and it was decided that she had been abused!!!! My daughter refused to go home or even see and was told that if she didn' t go somewhere, her Mother would have to pay this huge amount every month to keep her somewhere. I asked my PIG SISTER MARY LEE COOPER MEADOWS COMBS VOLLMAN CARTER to let her stay with her for a while and I was manipulated to sign guardianship over to this piece of garbage because I was too stupid to know that PIG TWAT MARY COMBS had been in with my ex-husband from the beginning for the whole BRIBE CASE!!! To make a long story short, my daughter was in the process of having a complete mental breakdown and she was treated like an animal by the Hamilton County Prosecutors Office--she was prosecuted and placed on probation for having a BREAK DOWN!!!!! THE JUDGE WAS STEVE NATION--the same person who could not prosecute a CHILD MOLESTER but STEVE NATION HAD NO PROBLEM WITH PROSECUTING the CHILD MOLESTER'S Victim. I even asked in the court when my daughter was brought in a jail uniform if I could have an attorney, and STEVE NATION STATED "If YOU are charged with Child abuse then we will get you an attorney!!!!" I can prove that my daughter was having a breakdown because she had to be placed on medicines!!!! She was kept at the Juvenile Jail for several days before she was sent to live with my sister at 11007 WESTFIELD BLVD. INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46280. In the courtroom, the entire case where my daughter was being prosecuted for having a mental breakdown the child molester was right there like STEVE NATION'S right hand man and like he was the father of the year!!!!! WHERE was SONIA then???? Then my sister goes to Steve Nation and gets my 17 year old daughter moved to her grandmother's house (LUVENIA EDWARDS CHEVALIER HALL) in West Virginia!!!! This was where my daughter was RAPED BY HER FATHER SEVERAL YEARS BEFORE!!!!!! And Guess who drove this 17 year old from Indiana to WEST VIRGINIA---WHY THE CHILD MOLESTER/RAPIST drove her!!! THE SAME CHILD MOLESTER THAT IS ABOVE THE LAW AND ALSO BOUGHT HIS WAY OUT OF BEING PROSECUTED!!!! I later learned that in HAMILTON COUNTY a lot of victims have been prosecuted to discredit them!!! THIS CASE OF A 17 year old was also sealed to PROTECT THE GUILTY. WHY was my daughter left at the jail instead of being admitted to the hospital--she had excellent hospital insurance through her father the child molester. WHAT WAS WRONG STEVE --DID YOU THINK MORE WOULD COME OUT???. I was told when I questiuoned the court about why she wasn't admitted to a hospital and was told THAT WOULD BE TOO TRAUMATIC!!! How about being too traumatic to the kangaroo court system that is being run in Hamilton County!!! Where was old Sonia when all this was going on? I again state that this case has a stink to it as so many other court cases in Hamilton County seem to have. AGAIN I ASK WHY THE GRAND JURY WAS NOT SELECTED FROM ANOTHER COUNTY? WHEN VICTIMS ARE PROSECUTED, THE VICTIM'S CASES ARE NOT TAKEN TO A GRAND JURY--they are just prosecuted. OPEN THE RECORDS ON ALL OF THE CASES THAT INVOLVE myself and my children and let's show who was being protected--the criminals of course!!!!.

Up Date:




UPDATE: 2-19-2010

Open Answer to E-Mail

This e-Mail is to the anonymous Mother who is so afraid in a county of Indiana that she is terrified to tell anyone.  I know exactly how you feel I was terrified by Judge Barr  for so many years and I was terrified that I would lose my children.  This behavior in the Indiana court system was not an isolated case because they were TOO PRACTICED and I know what it is like when no one believes you!  My website and all my e mail goes through the FBI  computer because when I first started telling my story, my daughter who was a student at IUPUI received Child Pornography in her student e mail .  We did not even have the internet at that time and both my children had to dial up through the University system.  The pictures showed a little girl about 8 years old being molested and another one of the same little girl with a big dog  and another pictlures of the same child being molested.  There were 3 pictures in all.  We made a copy of the pictures (which is not what you are supposed to do) and my daughter took it to the campus police and they did what they needed to do to stop that.  When we started looking at our computer files we had files with pictures of children that we did not even know and we contacted the FBI for child porn because our computers were purchased new and had no previos owners.  Hopefully the FBI or someone will read or see your e mail about being afraid.  This kind of kangaroo court has been going on for a long time and I would seriously doubt if Hamilton County has a monopoly on the way the court system was run.  The child molester, child abuser, and domestic violence abuser has all the rights.  The victims do not appesar to have any.  Good Luck!!

Above The Law

Up Date:  8-11-2009

John Milton Edwards ,Jr.. is above the law and was and is able to get away with anything.  AFTER  my divorce was FINAL on November 12, 1985 and I was given UNCONTESTED CUSTODY of both children and John continued to sexually abuse my daughter and abuse both children; and I kept calling the Noblesville Police.  This monster was able to somehow  able to go through the kangaroo court system in the state of Indiana to be able to pull off a bribe to somehow get this case back in a divorce court as if this was the first time he had ever been accused of child molesting and that there were no records.  ALL THE COURT SYSTEM HAD TO DO WAS CALL MARTHA GASCHO AND ASK IF I HAD TOLD HER ABOUT THE SEXUAL ABUSE, CHILD ABUSE AND DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.  But this corrupt court system bought everything that this monster was telling  without ever checking at all.

When John Milton Edwards, Jr. was first confronted with sexually abusing his daughter it was around the time when she was 7 or 8 months old in 1882 in Fairfax County ,Virginia.  After being in the Emergency room for a rare facial fracture that the plastic surgeon knew immediately was the result of domestic violence, I took a job part time as a RN at Alexandria Hospital in Alexandria Virginia in Fairfax County.  I worked on a Cardiac Step Down unit and John Milton Edwards, Jr. kept his 2 ½ year old son and six month old daughter.  After working a few shifts my daughter suddenly had the worst case of diaper rash that I had ever seen and she had NEVER had anything like that and neither had my son.  I went to work and asked the other nurses what they had used when their children were babies.  On their recommendation I changed diapers and tried everything possible and this raw rubbed area would heal up and as soon as I went to work she had the same severe case of “DIAPER RASH” after the first shift.  This went on for at least a month with me going to work and discussing the “severe rash” that my daughter developed as soon as I had worked one eight hour shift.  After a while when I kept bringing this up at work, the nurses started having questions such as “Who is keeping her?  Does this happen on the days you don’t work?”   Finally one of the older nurses took me aside and told me that the nurses had discussed this on numerous occasions and THEY thought that my baby was being sexually MOLESTED.  When I went home I confronted the Molester her father and his response was “You’re  crazy”. When he went to work I called the FAIRFAX COUNTY POLICE and told them everything and about the nurses telling me that they thought my daughter was being molested.  I also told them that I had never heard of a six month old baby being sexually molested.  The Fairfax County Police told me that molestation occurs at an even younger age than six months and that if he was molesting her that she would be able to tell when she was old enough to talk.  They gave me the number of a HOT LINE to talk to someone on how to deal with this in the meantime, and I called numerous times.  I separated from this Monster in January, 1985 when he was out of town on a business trip because I was afraid of him even though he knew that I wanted a divorce since being in a child psychiatrist office for my son in 1984.   The child psychiatrist knew that I thought that John Milton Edwards Jr. was sexually abusing my daughter.  My divorce attorney knew, the child psychiatrist knew, the Fairfax County Police knew, and the Noblesville Police knew!!!    This monster was able to convince the court system that the only time he had ever been accused of child molesting was after the divorce.  As soon as the Noblesville Police told me to take her to the Department of Welfare Child Protection,  I immediately took her!


How could this child molesting be covered up when everyone knew!!!!!    The Prosecuting Attorney STEVE NATION ‘s first question to me was “WHAT DOES HE DO AND WHO IS HIS ATTORNEY?”   How can the Department of Welfare Child Protection say that this child was molested by her father and he was NEVER EVEN QUESTIONED BY THE POLICE??????    How could what should have been a Criminal Case end up in a divorce court when there were numerous records that this had been brought up YEARS BEFORE I EVEN FILED FOR DIVORCE and the police in two states had been told???????   If this case was so above board, why was my ONLY WITNESS (Hamilton County Department of Welfare Child Protection) removed from the WITNESS LIST AFTER the case, and why was her testimony hid in the transcript until the only person who would know that she was in court as a witness was someone who was in the courtroom!!!  This was a calculated maneuver to protect the molester because during a recess the KANGAROO COURT JUDGE GOT DOWN FROM THE BENCH AND WENT TO THE VISITOR AREA AND TOLD THE LADY FROM PREVAIL “THAT SHE COULDN’T come to court anymore because the testimony was going to be on some real private issues”   THE ONLY PRIVATE ISSUE WAS: THE FACT THAT CHILD PROTECTION WAS GOING TO TESTIFY THAT THE CHILD WAS BEING MOLESTED BY HER FATHER!!!!!   THIS kangaroo court wanted no witnesses to the fact that CHILD PROTECTION HAD TESTIFIED.  I had that report from that SICKO Dr. Martin Gary Groff, Ph. D. that I was crazy!!!..    This bunch of CRIMINALS didn’t know that I had a copy of the child molestation report from Child Protection!!!!   If my own attorney had been able to get a copy of that psychiatric report, I would have a copy of that!!!!  But Keith Leach did tell me after the case was over and the molester  got away with molesting but was given his visitation rights so he could continue to sexually, physically, emotionally, and verbally abuse his victims.   Kieth Leach also told me that if I appealed the case that I would lose.  KEITH LEACH KNEW THAT THE INDIANA COURT SYSTEM WAS DIRTY ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP—OTHERWISE WHY WOULD THIS KANGAROO COURT CASE EVER HAVE HAPPENED.  Keith Leach also told me that “There is something wrong with your psychiatric report”.   Keith Leach knew that Marty Groff Ph.D was writing false reports for court cases!!!!  JUSTICE IS BLIND BUT SHE HAS HER HAND OUT FOR MONEY BECAUSE LADY JUSTICE IS A PROSTITUTE!!!!!

After the summer vacation at their grandmothers home in Charleston, WV, when John Milton Edwards, Jr. was seen by his son coming out of his daughter’s room for several nights in a row;  the child psychiatrist kept asking me what had happened to my daughter and I could not tell her because I did not know.  My son did not know the significance of these incidents until he was an adult and read the molestation report and he did not know why JOHN MILTON EDWARDS, JR. became angry when my son woke up in the middle of the night and saw his father coming out of his sister’s room.  After this vacation to her grandmother Luvenia EdwardsChevalier Hall when she was RAPED by her father, my daughter started cutting herself and having behavior that could not be explained because I did not know that John Milton Edwards, Jr. had been in her bedroom in the middle of the night.  I hope that the old cow (grandmother Luvenia Edwards Chevalier Hall) had a good night’s rest while her little grand-daughter was being RAPED in her home in Charleston, West Virginia!!!!!   This whole dirty court system from the Police to the Prosecuting Attorney (Steve Nation), and the whole dirty court system from Hamilton County (Judge Jerry M. Barr) to the supreme court in the state of Indiana  along with that FREAK Marty Gary Groff are responsible for destroying a little girl’s life all to protect a Child Molester that could buy the court system!!!!

Why would John Milton Edwards, Jr. take over 200 lie detector tests as testified to by an expert in that kangaroo court case???    HOW MANY OTHER CHILDREN HAS THIS MONSTER MOLESTED AND GOTTEN AWAY WITH?????

UPDATE: 6-12-2009

Thoughts on Pig Sister that supports CHILD MOLESTER


After thinking about my PIG SISTER Mary Lee Cooper Meadows, Combs, Vollman, I have some more comments on this slimy piece of humanity that goes by the name of Mary Combs even though Kelly Combs divorced her years ago after a few months of marriage and telling her that she was co-dependent and needed therapy.  Mary Combs would come into my home and get me to talk about the Child Molester and his freak family especially his mother Luvenia Hall(#2 was Chevalier) so she would have something to run with.  I repeatedly asked this piece of slime if she knew the CHILD MOLESTER or his freak family and she would always say “NO”.  I have since found out that that sick piece of twat was having dinner parties and having the CHILD MOLESTER over as a guest.  THIS  PIECE OF TWAT ALSO HAD THIS CHILD MOLESTER OVER IN HER HOME WHEN LITTLE CHILDREN WERE PRESENT!!!!!  I wonder how their parents feel to know that the CHILD MOLESTER bought his way out of going to jail?  When my daughter was 17 and my pig sister was at my home and we were having coffee in my kitchen, I expressed how worried I was about my daughter and this PIG SISTER stated:  “ YOU SHOULD HAVE ABORTED BOTH CHILDREN.  YOU SHOULD NEVER HAVE HAD CHILDREN!”   I told this poor excuse of humanity to get out of my house and that was the last time this Cow has ever been in my house!   Mary Combs has had three abortions and has one surviving son.  When this piece of twat was in her late forties she was trying to get pregnant by some unsuspecting man because this piece of slime had decided that she was ready for a baby!   I have since found out that the reason my children and myself were never invited to her home for any holidays was because she was inviting the CHILD MOLESTER that abused her blood niece as her guest.  This CHILD MOLESTER also physically, verbally, and emotionally abused her own sister and blood niece and nephew!   What a sick Puss.

Mary Combs talks about two women both are named Janet like they are something that the dog dragged in and then invites them to her weddings, dinners, and etc.   I don't know either one of them, but I know one thing--MARY COMBS IS NOT YOUR FRIEND!!!!

UPDATE:  6-1-2009   



ON the court docket on 11-11-11 (This is an error and should read 11-11-85) DISSOLATION OF MARRIAGE with the action seq of 1003 ).

ACTION SEQ 1004    


The Judge that finalized the divorce was Jerry M. Barr.   Why would the Chief Justice in Indiana transfer the divorce to the Judge that finalized the divorce and why was Jerry M. Barr appointed as a Special Judge on his own court case.  Why was the number changed  from Cause No. 2SC85-111 when the case was transferred to Jerry Barr and why was he made Special Judge on one of his own divorces that according to the divorce decree has nothing in it other than who pays what and how much, custody, and visitation.  After going through three attorneys that refused to believe what I was telling them about the abuse and molesting that was going on, I went with Martha Gascho for 350.00.  She did admit to the Judge in the kangaroo court section of this nightmare that I had indeed told her about the abuse and molesting and her answer was the same as the others,  “All women say this when they are getting a divorce!”  At least she admitted it. 

I think that in the Action Seq.1004 that I have found the link to the higher court and the little corruption scam that these freaks have been running.  I had wondered since the Hamilton County Court gave me the court docket why the number had changed and was told by the clerks that” that was the old numbering system”.   What cases were entered on November 30, 1983?   I did not even take my daughter to the Dept. of Welfare until Sept. 4, 1986.  I think that the cases that were entered on November 30- 1983 were my then husband and his sick family trying to have me committed for calling the police to report what that monster was doing to this family.   Because no one would believe me at all and that monster continued his behavior of brutality.  His big thing was to isolate me and he openly told everyone that I was crazy and I had no support system at all. 

I think that the reason that Keith Leach told me “not to appeal the (kangaroo)   court case because I would lose” was because that he knew that the corruption went all the way up to the INDIANA SUPREME COURT and Given, Chief Justice of Indiana.!!!  

My then  husband at the time in Fairfax County , Virginia, was so confident that he could get away with anything he wanted even after the Judge ordered him into anger management and he had been placed under a peace bond for domestic violence that one time he beat me up and when I tried to call the police he took the telephone and said “ Here I will call them myself” and he did and told the police that I had threatened to commit suicide which was a lie and a psychologist came to the house.  Needless to say I was not hauled off for a psych evaluation.  This incident happened some time around late 1982 and before April, 1983 when we moved to Noblesville, Indiana.  I think that when we moved to Indiana he tried it again and somewhere along the line he recruited my half –sister because when I was sent the papers that my ex-husband was suing me again I received them on 7-10-86 both my children’s birthday and the two children, myself and my sister had just returned from our one and only trip to Kings Island and my pig of a sister had this funny expression on her face and she wasn’t surprised at all.  This is the same pig sister that I obtained a restraining order on in 2000.  When my ex-husband sued me again in 2007 for a bunch of nonsense and lies trying to block a restraining order this “sister” was at the Hamilton County Courthouse waiting with my ex-husband’s family to support him and when we came out of the courtroom she said to my ex-husband when he was still talking to his attorney about stalking; she asked him across about 25 or 30 feet “if they could all go visit now”.  My ex-husband had to shake his head “No”!   This pig then said “But you won the case didn’t you?”  This monster again had to shake his head “No”.  This pig sister actually thought that the Judge in Hamilton County was going to give this monster along with his family and her the right to visit with two now adults!!!!!  The last thing I heard the monster say to his attorney was “What was this about the Federal Prosecutor?”   Because the Judge told me to send everything to the Federal Prosecutor.  His attorney then said “let’s move down the hall”.  As I left my ex-husband and his attorney were talking in another part of the hall!

This pig of a sister has quoted that 1986 psychiatric report and verbally abused me and both my children for years and years.  MY PIG SISTER’S NAME IS MARY MEADOWS COMBS VOLLMAN AND WHEN I LAST HAD ANY CONTACT WITH HER IN THE YEAR 1999 SHE WENT UNDER THE NAME MARY COMBS—HUSBAND #2 .  HUSBAND #1 WAS MEADOWS, #2 WAS COMBS, AND HUSBAND #3 WAS VOLLMAN.  Mary Combs lived in a house around Westfield Boulevard in 1999—she was buying the house.   When I sent the papers to the Federal Prosecutor I also asked him to check out Mary Combs’ involvement in this whole conspiracy mess.  The fact that I did not even have an attorney for my ex-husbands latest case should tell you how ridiculous that whole mess was, but I did not black out that I know of during the case and if you want to read how this man can lie on the witness stand take a look at the transcript!!!!

This should have been written earlier in this latest entry but what can you expect I am on the CRAZY AND DANGEROUS LIST.  When Keith Leach told me about not appealing the kangaroo court case because I would lose he also stated “THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOUR PSYCH REPORT”.  I never told him that I had blacked out while I was taking the MMPI!!!!       Leach knew this corruption reached all the way to the top of the INDIANA SUPREME COURT  to the CHIEF JUSTICE GIVENS.

 At the latest court case when my ex-husband sued me and LOST. my pig of a sister was not the only person for the monster's support team waiting as a smug little group in the courthouse hall.  The monster's mother Luvenia Chevalier Hall who has lied and protected this thing for years.  She was at the courthouse along with some people I did not recognize and his mother is currently married to Bill Hall.  At the time of that kangaroo court case she and husband #2 Lawrence Chevalier (deceased) lived in South Hills in Charleston , West Virginia and Luvenia Hall now lives in Dunbar, West Virginia.  Another person at the courthouse to support this monster was Luvenia's son Toby from husband # 1_the monster's brother who came to visit his brother in New Orleans before we even had children.   His monster brother beat me up and almost broke my neck and I was screaming at the top of my lungs for help from the upstairs bedroom and this monster's brother acted later as if he had not heard anything and when I came downstairs these freak brothers acted as if nothing had ever happened.   My neighbor was married to a man who had retired from the Coast Guard and she told me sometime later that on numerous occasions she had heard me screaming FROMher house.   I know Toby heard his brother beating me.  At the kangaroo court case Luvenia put her hand on the Bible and lied like the mother of a monster that she is.  Like Mother like Son!!!!  Toby did not testify at the kangaroo court case, but Luvenia stated she had never seen the results of her son's abuse to me and she is a lier because she did on numerous occasions and she told me a long time ago when I first was married to him that the school system told her that she needed to take him to a psychologist--this was when her monster was 8 years old.  Luvenia did not take him; her excuse for her son's tantrums and brutality was that "he was Premature".   The other person that testified at that kangaroo court case was his aunt Kitty Reese Sullivan who also resided in Dunbar, West Virginia.  Kitty told how absolutely wonderful her darling nephew was and how he would never do anything violent.  To be fair to Kitty Sullivan I was never around her that much and I cannot remember if she saw the results of her nephew's brutality to me.  Her son is now practicing law in Charleston, W. Va. and was still in college when that kangaroo court case occurred.  I wonder what her son thinks of his monster first cousin.  Kitty was not at the courthouse on   the monster's latest attempt which was August 21, 2008!!!!

I feel that after the nightmare that both me and my children have endured from these "nice" church going people that their names should be public.  You mean none of the freak family ever noticed how the monster's lips were about chewed bloody--the monster bit his lips when this thing was beating me and the monster loves music and this freak would beat me in time to music.   Also,how many people through the years ignored this monster when he went to work and etc.with his knuckles where the skin was rubbed off and at times bleeding.  How in the hell could this animal pull this whole mess off all these years and get away with it!!!   This sick monster paid a bribe and he had the freaks supporting him.  His victims had NO ONE  to help them..When the school told me when my son was 4 1/2 years old that he needed to see a psychologist--I made an appointment with a child psychiatrist at the hospital where I worked.  This psychiatrist interviewed both parents separately after having an initial visit with the child before she started treatment.  I don"t know what my then husband told her but I know that on my hour long visit I told her about the abuse both physical, emotional, and sexual abuse to my daughter and I also told this psychiatrist that no one believed me and I had called the police in FIVE states including Indiana and no one would help me.  This psychiatrist told me that she believed me.  I asked her "WHY".  She stated because that she could tell from the moment she met me and that my behavior was subconscious and it was a long and lengthy explanation.   When both my then husband and I were together in the session with the psychiatrist before she started treatment on my son she asked my then husband what he wanted and to sum it all up he wanted to continue as before but for her to do family therapy.  When she asked me what I wanted I told her "I wanted a divorce".  My then husband got up and walked out.  The psychiatrist said " I knew he was going to do that".  The psychiatrist told me that she would treat my son and both my children saw her on a weekly and then biweekly basis for the next 10 years. THIS WAS 2 TO 3 YEARS BEFORE I TOOK MY DAUGHTER TO THE DEPT. OF WELFARE AND AT LEAST TWO YEARS BEFORE THIS MONSTER HAD THE KANGAROO COURT CASE WITH THAT SICKO MARTIN GROFF AND HIS SICK REPORT THAT PRODUCED ABUSE TO A FAMILY THAT HAD ALREADY BEEN BRUTALIZED BY THIS FREAK OF NATURE!!!   This was the same psychiatrist that my pig of a sister Mary Combs kept telling me  "did not know what she was talking about".  Before that kangaroo court case even happened Mary Meadows then was staying in my house and my son in his private session with the child psychiatrist told her about what dear Aunt Mary was telling my two children behind my back and what it was amounted to verbal abuse.  The psychiatrist told me to get Mary out of my house!!!!   I was told by another psychiatric facility in the year 2000 that I needed to get a restraining order on both my ex-husband and MARY COMBS and all of us went to court without an attorney and got one.  That transcript from that restraining order in May 2000 was very interesting.  MY EX-HUSBAND DENIED EVERYTHING--ALL THE ABUSE AND I EVEN HAD THE MOLESTING PAPERS- -AND HIS ANSWER TO THE JUDGE WAS "I WAS ACQUITTED". 

 I STATED "YOU CAN'T BE ACQUITTED IN A CIVIL CASE"AND THE JUDGE LOOKED AT ME LIKE I WAS CRAZY.  I THINK IT WAS JUDGE HUGHES ON THE INITIAL RESTRAINING ORDER IN 2000.  At the  latest court drama with the monster on August 21, 2008 he did not say anything about being acquitted of child molestation he just denied everything including all the abuse.  In fact this monster appeared shocked that anyone would remotely THINK THAT HE WAS A CHILD MOLESTER. His attorney stated that on all the abuse that he would go with what was in the record.  I f  that meant his testimony in the kangaroo court case or the restraining order I had enough times, dates and hospital visits and court anger management to prove that the monster committed perjury in the court room on both those cases and this thing continued to lie in court.

Well, writing about all this is wonderful therapy for me and Prevail did say that ABUSED PEOPLE NEED TO JOURNAL. .   

 Up Date:  5-25-2009

Several years ago I had a very informative conversation with a cousin of JERRY BARR ‘S mother.  The highlight of this conversation was the source of the money that JANE and JERRY BARR throw around like water.  This cousin of Jerry’s went back for several generations of both Jerry Barr and Jane Barr and this was wrapped up in the history of both Noblesville and Hamilton County.   This cousin quoted all the family history and etc. and wrapped this conversation up with the statement that “the money was just about TOTALLY spent years ago and there was very little if any left of the inherited money” and one of the favorite family past times was to keep up with JANE and JERRY’S continued lavish lifestyle.  This cousin also made several statements that made me realize that his own family knew that JERRY had a SOURCE of INCOME that was not kosher and the cousin had heard on numerous occasions about JERRY’S SPECIAL COURT CASES THAT ALLOW THE CONTINUED REPLENISHMENT OF JANE AND JERRY’S  “INHERITANCE”!!!!!    I was recently told that JANE BARR was an HEIRESS with buckets of money and that all this lavish lifestyle and trips and etc. was from her inheritance.  ACCORDING TO THE COUSIN THAT WAS SPENT “YEARS AGO”.   DOES JANE BARR HAVE THE TYPE OF INHERITANCE THAT CAN BE SPENT OVER AND OVER AGAIN????????  The money that was paid in bribes needs to be followed all the way back to all the sources and  the money needs to be trailed  to where it went after being paid as bribes!!!!  ALSO, GO BACK AND TRACE JERRY AND JANE’S INHERITANCE AND FIND OUT EXACTLY HOW AND WHEN IT WAS SPENT.   FIND OUT IF THE BRIBE MONEY WAS FUNNELLED TO THE TWO BARR DAUGHTERS.     This money needs to be  traced past that veil of respectability that allows JERRY BARR to continue to  appear at events as a respectable citizen  and his picture is ALL OVER the HAMILTON COUNTY REPUBLICAN PARTY WEBSITE  AS AN EXAMPLE to be proud of and known .   TAKE A GOOD HARD LOOK AT ALL THE PEOPLE THAT WERE THRILLED TO BE PHOTOGRAPHED WITH THE BARR FAMILY!!!!!  WAS THIS WHY NO ONE COULD FIGURE OUT FOR THIRTY YEARS THAT JERRY WAS A CORRUPT JUDGE THAT PREYED ON WOMEN AND CHILDREN?????????  FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES???????     WHY DIDN’T JERRY SELL HIS OWN TWO DAUGHTERS TO A CHILD MOLESTER/CHILD ABUSER/ WIFE BEATER??????  OF COURSE THE BARR’S WOULD HAVE HAD TO INVEST IN SOME MUSTACHE BLEACH FOR THOSE BLACK MUSTACHES THAT THE BARR GIRLS  DEVELOPED AS SOON AS THEY HIT PUBERTY---BUT JERRY COULD HAVE MADE A LITTLE MONEY FROM THE SELL OF HIS OWN BLACK MUSTACHED DAUGHTERS BUT NOT ANYTHING LIKE WHAT JERRY COULD GET FOR  A FIVE YEAR OLD BLUE EYED BLONDE.  I could see the BARR girl’s black mustaches from my front porch when the BARR chicks strutted by the street!!!!  As victims of JERRY’S money making projects we have the right to have all the money traced that was paid in bribes on both the payer and the receiver.    Also Jane BARR who didn’t know that JERRY was taking bribes was elected to the Noblesville School Board!!!!  And her picture and information were taken from Noblesville School Board website and the Hamilton County Republican Party website.  MUST BE NICE TO HAVE FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES!!!!!!!  HOW MUCH OF THE BRIBE MONEY WAS USED FOR POLITICAL CONTRIBUTIONS???????

Judge Jerry M. Barr, Jane Barr, and the Govenor of Indiana

Fall Dinner Dance at the Ritz Charles (10-13-2005)
Judge Jerry M. Barr and kathy Richardson (State Rep...)

Lincoln Day dinner at Oak Hill Manor (3-1-2007)
Judge Jerry M. Barr, Jane Barr, and Steve Holt (Commissioner)

Fall Dinner Dance at the Ritz Charles (10-13-2005)
Judge Jerry M. Barr and Nell Carter

All of the above pictures were taken from the Hamilton County Republican Party Web site; however, the picture of Jane Barr and the text below are from the Noblesville Schools web site.

Jane Barr on the Noblesville School Board

Jane Barr, Member

Jane Barr was elected to the school board in May 2008. A retired teacher, she taught for 30 years, 23 of those in Noblesville. She currently supervises student teachers from Anderson University and Butler University and tutors children at Hazel Dell Elementary School. A graduate of Noblesville High School, Mrs. Barr served as co-chair of the Performance Based Accreditation and then as co-chair of the North Central Accreditation for Hazel Dell and also as a member of the overall committee for Noblesville Schools. She is a life member of the NHS Alumni Association, a member of First United Methodist Church and its Rebekah Circle, treasurer of Alpha Chi Omega Alumnae Chapter, and past president of Tri Kappa. She also is a member of Delta Kappa Gamma, Hamilton County Retired Teachers, Kappa Delta Pi education honorary, and the Noblesville Schools Education Foundation. She and her husband, Jerry, also a Noblesville graduate, have two daughters, both graduates of NHS.

Up Date: 10-7-2008

Everything regarding this case will be sent to the United States Federal Prosecutor.

UPDATE:  August 18, 2008,



            I know what it is ---- CONSPIRACY from the U. S. CODE ONLINE via GPO

1. a. TITLE 18—CRIMES AND CRIMINAL PROCEDURE CHAPTER 13—CIVIL RIGHTS sec. 241 Conspiracy against rights

2.  Chapter 19 Conspiracy

 sec. 371 Conspiracy to commit offence or to defraud United States

3. Chapter 19—Conspiracy

Sec.373 “Solicitation to commit a crime of violence (a) Whoever with intent that another person engage in conduct constituting a felony that has as an element the use, attempted use , or threatened use of physical force against property or against the person of another in violation of the laws of the United States,  and under circumstances strongly corroborative of that intent, solicits, commands, or induces’ or otherwise endeavors to persuade such other person to engage in such conduct”….

(c)It is not a defense to a prosecution under this section that the person solicited could not be convicted of the crime because he lacked the state of mind required for its commission, because he was incompetent or irresponsible, or because he is immune from prosecution or is not subject to prosecution

I would have to say that child abuse, child molestation, and domestic violence certainly meet the criteria and the abuse that Dr. Martin Groff’s report has generated from total strangers that joined the band wagon and participated in the abuse of my two children and myself certainly meets this criteria.




Sec. 1985. Conspiracy to interfere with civil rights

(2) Obstructing justice, intimidating party, witness, or juror

(3) Depriving persons of rights or privileges

(CITE: 28USC—App. 801)




RULE  801. Definitions

The following definitions apply under this article: (a) Statement.—A “statement” is (1) an oral or written assertion, (2) nonverbal conduct of a person, if it is intended by the person as an assertion.. (b) Declarant.—A “declarant” is a person who makes a statement.

(d) Statements which are not hearsay if(1) prior statement by witness, and the statement is (A) inconsistent  with the declarant’s testimony, and was given under oath subject to the penalty of perjury at a trial, hearing , or other proceeding, and (E) a statement by a coconspirator of a party during the course and in furtherance of the CONSPIRACY

The rule specifies five categories of statements for which the responsibility of a party is considered sufficient to justify reception in evidence against him: (A) A party’s own statement is the classic example of admission…(B) Under established principles an admission may be made by adopting or acquiescing in the statement of another.  While knowledge of contents would ordinarily be essential, this is not inevitably so:

Martin Groff’s psychiatric report produces abuse, the “Judges Book”, the court docket and the court case itself.  I documented in my information that I could not afford to buy the court transcript or the “Judges Book” from the 1986-87 case.

(C) No authority is required for the general proposition that a statement authorized by a party to be made should have the status of an admission by the party…Thus a party’s books or records are useable against him…

5. Then I put in Americans with Disabilities Act and the Privacy Act of 1974 from information that Civil Rights had sent me.

In other words this group  looked at the Federal Conspiracy Laws and set out to break them all  during that 1986-87 court case!!!

City County Building Experience In Marion County

Update: 6-27-08

I went to the City County Building in Marion County to go through my file and ask the recorder about the court record., Even though I had difficulty processing the verbal interactions everyone was patient, appropriate, and went out of their way to help me and this includes the copy clerk, cashier, the two lady employees who redirected me when I accidently got on an elevator that did not go to floor 14. The police both in and out of the building assisted me when I needed directions on numerous occasions. There was one exception to this however, she was in the Civil 13 clerks office. The other staff were very helpful when I went back there after obtaining my copies to make sure that the initial group of papers I had taken were on the docket which in Marion County is referred to as a chronological case summary. One of the clerks was trying to get through to me that everything in that file would or had been sent to the Appellate Court when this short dumpy white woman with a coarse complexion and dishwater blonde hair and a BMI for an acute cardiac arrest heaves herself out of her chair at the back of the room and loudly informs me that I need to learn the terminology since I choose to not use an attorney. As she waddles over to the counter I inform her that I did not choose to do this myself but I Cannot get an attorney in the state of Indiana. She then sarcastically says," OH, we know all about that and about that case and your story about not being able to get an attorney." . I then inform her again that it is not my choice to do this myself. She then tells me that "all your file went to the Appellate Court and they have already made their decision." I then try to clarify that is impossible that a decision has been made since I haven’t even had a go at figuring out exactly what this case really is called. The clerk that I had originally been talking to looked through the file and said that the final decision had not been made. I then apologized to the rest of the clerks for taking so much time and thanked them and left. My whole plan since I could not function in court was to get a copy of everything the Judge said in the court room–not to be difficult.

I went to the City County Building in Marion County to go through my file and ask the recorder about the court record., Even though I had difficulty processing the verbal interactions everyone was patient, appropriate, and went out of their way to help me and this includes the copy clerk, cashier, the two lady employees who redirected me when I accidently got on an elevator that did not go to floor 14. The police both in and out of the building assisted me when I needed directions on numerous occasions. There was one exception to this however, she was in the Civil 13 clerks office. The other staff were very helpful when I went back there after obtaining my copies to make sure that the initial group of papers I had taken were on the docket which in Marion County is referred to as a chronological case summary. One of the clerks was trying to get through to me that everything in that file would or had been sent to the Appellate Court when this short dumpy white woman with a coarse complexion and dishwater blonde hair and a BMI for an acute cardiac arrest heaves herself out of her chair at the back of the room and loudly informs me that I need to learn the terminology since I choose to not use an attorney. As she waddles over to the counter I inform her that I did not choose to do this myself but I Cannot get an attorney in the state of Indiana. She then sarcastically says," OH, we know all about that and about that case and your story about not being able to get an attorney." . I then inform her again that it is not my choice to do this myself. She then tells me that "all your file went to the Appellate Court and they have already made their decision." I then try to clarify that is impossible that a decision has been made since I haven’t even had a go at figuring out exactly what this case really is called. The clerk that I had originally been talking to looked through the file and said that the final decision had not been made. I then apologized to the rest of the clerks for taking so much time and thanked them and left. My whole plan since I could not function in court was to get a copy of everything the Judge said in the court room–not to be difficult.

I think that loud angry clerk wanted to embarrass and intimate and I remember a man had walked into the clerk’s office and he looked like he knew what he was doing. That clerk wanted an audience because her loudness and anger were out of proportion to my being unable to comprehend that a docket and a ccs were the same. Since this loud angry woman wanted to inform me that I could get an attorney, I beg to differ!!!! I have enough rejection slips from law firms to paper a wall. I have been hung up on so many times that I can’t even count. Legal Aid , pro bono. Civil Liberties, Church group attorneys that volunteer,.domestic violence, and any and all groups that assist individuals. I paid 1000.00 dollars to an attorney to even look at the papers that the court house had given me for free when I was told that this was a Bribe case and told that I needed to get an attorney. I thought that I had an attorney for over a year and was reassured that all was well until at Christmas I receive a 4th rated envelope through the mail informing me that I didn’t have a case. I had another attorney in Indianapolis for an appointment and when I arrived the SOB wasn’t even in the office but he had stressed on the telephone that he wanted me to bring him a copy of what the court house had given me .and still being hopeful I did . To put it bluntly when I informed Civil Rights they wanted to know what had happened to these attorneys but I did my homework and I knew how their status had risen in life–to put it bluntly it was very profitable for them. Civil Rights told me exactly what I was supposed to write to obtain that report from Marty Groff and they wanted to see how he would respond and that I could have my

medical records. I went through the whole Marion County Bar Association and finally found another attorney that would see me in Greenfield and my friend was going to drive me. Before I could get my appointment this attorney blocked my calls after I had left numerous messages. I spent my time calling and trying to get an attorney and finally called the Indiana State Supreme Court to give me some ideas and called these people who all had a conflict of interest or etc. I was then told that I needed to go out of state for an attorney. Well, my resources are extremely limited since I am on Social Security Disability as a direct result of that kangaroo court case in Hamilton County and I was represented by an attorney!!! I still don’t believe that this was going on for 20 to 30 years before someone finally figured it out. Oh, and I don"t want to forget that when Judge Barr was retiring I tried to get the Indianapolis Star to assist me in obtaining my records from Dr. Groff and got no where. I then called again about 6 or 7 PM and the man answered " night desk" and I proceeded to tell what had happened to me and this man interrupts me and states "YOU ARE A NASTY WOMAN AND YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING THAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU!" That is a direct quote. I had not even given this man my name–I guess the newspaper has caller ID. Come to think of it I had a private number that could not be given out. I hope to use this to learn and because of this loud mouthed clerk I have no intention of stopping and besides when I ask for help and an attorney in Federal Court I have to show that I have tried to help myself. Besides I have nothing to lose–Dr. Groff’s illegally obtained report and a corrupt court system made sure of that. So Sweet Cakes, heave yourself out of your chair more often and waddle around more to reduce your BMI, invest in a jar of Ponds Cold Cream and use it on a regular basis and don’t try to intimidate people by acting like the head overseer on the plantation. I refuse to be screwed again and I want this public because I wish some other victim had spoken up years ago.

UPDATE: 6-24-2008

My Ex-Husband did not know that he had been caught!!!!

I have had an extremely stressful day and writing seems to help. To start with we had a company clean this computer and get the viruses out and the result was that this computer was being controlled by a third party. We were not even able to view the Appellate Court Website but we managed to still be notified by the court that the court record was finished–sort of finished since parts seem to be missing especially the part at the end of the case when I was blacking out and the Judge was telling Marty’s attorney while she was still on the bench why this case was a criminal case and that a judge cannot decide what court to put a criminal case. I am so handicapped that I have to have everything in writing and I cannot make a lot of sense out of verbal interactions that is why I wrote my case out with all my evidence and submitted it to the court on August 20, 2007 and delivered it along with my decision on which judge to strike to the court. I had all my papers stapled together and the clerk was pulling things apart and was date stamping papers. I verbally stated that this was my verbal response to Marty’s attorney wanting the case dismissed. I presented this to the court as my argument even though it was not in the correct form and mailed a copy to his attorney and etc. During the court case this information was referred to by Marty’s attorney but the copy I sent to her did not have the date stamp on it. I still submitted this to the court since I knew that I probably would not be able to function in court. This was the reason I went down to the court house, I wasn’t that concerned with picking a judge because after the last court case that started all of this anything had to be an improvement. I know the transcript was not complete in other areas because when I was so disorganized in the court room and referred to my papers that I had submitted to the court as my case the Judge stated that she had read it and that part was not in the transcript. Another place was an objection by everyone and that part was not in the transcript and another part missing was when the Judge asked Marty’s attorney why her client was not present in the court and his attorney replied that he was represented by counsel and he did not have to be present. With my handicap I remember parts but not a complete segment, but as time goes on and I am less stressed I should be able to write the entire case but I have no control as to when I will remember it all and court cases have a time frame that is why I have to have everything written out ahead of time and having a printer in the courtroom would not be helpful to me since I cannot always process information on the spot and respond appropriately or at all. Well, Marty your behavior caused this but I am still trying to work with what I have.

Marty, you will be thrilled to know that this isn’t over and my ex-husband of almost 23 years opened the divorce case by asking for back child support he had paid to me and wants me to sign a paper to emancipate two adults. This all occurred when our restraining order was not routinely signed for another year. I was devastated because this was so crazy until the Hamilton County Clerks office told me that everything on the docket that has my divorce on it is one big case. ISN’T THAT WONDERFUL!!!! I was given a name of an organization that would assist me–a group of retired attorneys from a church. I took a new court docket that included his(ex-husband) latest nonsense and went over to see this group. The attorney said that if he took this case that he would just ask for it to be dismissed. God is alive in heaven because as disorganized as I was I knew that I did not want this case dismissed under any circumstances and I tried to tell him about Dr. Groff and the bribe case and he looked at the docket and said that there is no mention of a doctor on this. I tried to show him where on the docket that the child molestation case started but as usual I could not make myself understood adequately. When I filled out the financial part to show that could I not only not afford an attorney but I couldn’t get one and I had tried., I was turned down by this group because I was too rich, but if I had been an illegal alien I would have qualified. Thank you God for this attorney not helping me at this time. So much for the church!!!! What is so ridiculous is that I had tried to get a pro bono attorney to reopen this case under "Hidden ASSETS" in the past when I found out at Prevail that I was entitled to 50% of the value of his retirement at the time of the divorce. I wrote to Washington, D. C. and after a long time they called me and asked me numerous questions and then told me to reopen the divorce under Hidden Assets because it was obvious that I had never had enough information to know about my rights–I could not even prove that I had been married because every scrap of paper had been removed from my home since even though I was divorced my ex-husband came into my home on a daily basis and abused this family. I began to smell a rat then because I not only was refused by all the attorneys but I was verbally abused by a lot of them and I could not understand why. As far as child support is concerned I knew that my ex-husband stopped paying through the court in 1989 and this is documented by the court report I just obtained from the clerk’s office. His idea of paying child support was to write a personal check, come over to my home and just open the door-he didn’t even knock- and come and tear up the check and throw the pieces on the floor and verbally abuse me in the process. Often these checks were made out to the then children and I had to get them to sign the checks before I could use the money. Needless to say this man thought that he should pay the same amount in 1985 as he did in 1998 because his financial records were never available and I had no way of obtaining them, but my son saw his checkbook and he knew that his father was hiding money from his children. When I went on Social Security Disability my then children received more from my disability than the amount he was giving to them. I plan on asking for all of this with interest. I also plan to ask for Maintenance since my Disability is caused by abuse from him and to ask for Maintenance retroactive to April, 1997 with interest..

That court docket is just loaded with information and Marty’s report is mentioned and the very end when he undoubtedly submitted a bill for seeing the then children....the only thing is is that he never saw them and when he was given his "supervised visitation" there is a reason that the only day he could visit with them was a Sunday, so I will ask again what day Marty saw the children when I know he did not see them. I will ask that everything pertaining to this case be open for review and this includes the " Judges’ Book" which has all the internal workings of this case and what happened behind the scenes. In this case this should be called a BRAG BOOK because it shows a corrupt court system actually documenting how this case was managed and shows the times that the child psychiatrist called and wrote that their was something wrong with this case and how Judge Barr had documented in these records how "he had personally reviewed that case and nothing was wrong. This book is about 1 to 1 ½ inches thick and I only read part of it and could not afford to obtain copies. I want to make sure that I cover everything on the court docket including ALL the letters to the court submitted by myself that are documented in the docket and the letter that I sent to his workplace telling about his abuse of this family and he was called in and confronted by his boss and the court system hushed it all up as if nothing ever happened. I have a lot of questions that I have submitted to be answered by my ex-husband regarding this bribe case and I did EXACTLY what his attorney did when he sent me a list of questions and his attorney even threatened to get an order to Compel me to answer the questions which I had answered including all my tax records which was just a Social Security Form that Social Security sent to me and said this was a tax return. When I had to put my Social Security Number on these question sheets I asked the court clerk if I had to because of security risks and the court clerk said that I had to because not complying was contempt of court but I could also ask questions. I did and I submitted about 40 questions through the court system just like his attorney and since mine have never been answered I plan on writing a Motion To Compel and since the court case with Marty I have a lot of new questions since Marty is on the court docket. Just to make sure I plan on submitting the child molestation papers because when I was sued under my divorce for stopping his visitation, I did not stop his visitation the Prosecutor Steve Nation and Child Protection stopped his visitation not me. Also Child Protection testified in court that my daughter was molested but I do not know if the written records were entered. Another interesting thing on the court docket was a witness that refused to testify in this case. I had never heard of this person and when I asked Keith Leach who was that, Mr. Leach stated that "he was just some witness they wanted in court, don’t worry about it". Thanks to the internet my son was able to look him up and he was and is a Judge–he must have smelled the stink and did not want to be any part of it.

I plan on writing everything up and submit it to the court and have everything stamped and documented on the court docket as my brief since I am handicapped and must write it up before hand. I expect to lose this case too because I can not function in court but I do not want one scrap of evidence excluded when it goes to the Appellate Court. I will also ask for an attorney in the lower court even though I know I don’t stand a chance in hell of getting one and come to think of it I had an attorney who did not tell the court about the abuse and molestation on my divorce but during that child molestation case when I testified that I had told my attorney, they stopped the court case and called her and she confirmed that I had indeed told her numerous times about both and she had told me "that all women say that when they’re getting a divorce." I find this funny because Bill Potter strutted that attorney strut and asked me why I didn’t tell my attorney about the molestation and I stated that I did tell her and exactly what she told me and that is in the court records. Mr. Leach never once told me what to say when I went to court and told me just to answer questions. The only reason I can think that Keith Leach did not tell me that this was a bribe case was for my safety.

I have some absolutely wonderful questions that I asked my ex-husband to answer such as I listed everyone on the court docket that was in an official capacity and asked how much each person received, what form of currency or assets did they receive, and who delivered the bribe, where did the bribe occur. I also asked numerous questions on Marty and etc. I asked who brought the money or assets from West Virginia , and numerous questions about this case. I am in the process of writing even more and my Motion to Compel–I should do a little better on the paper work this time and I consider my case with Marty a learning experience and even if I lose I have gained valuable information. This isn’t too bad for a person on the CRAZY AND DANGEROUS LIST!!! This list is somewhere in the Attorney General’s Office because when I started trying to get that report according to the docket in 2003, a lady at the courthouse told me to call the AG’s office but I asked if my ex-husband was on a list and they asked his name and came back and told me that he was not on the list and then she asked my name and she got really quiet. It took me years and that court case with Marty to figure out that the reason I can’t get my report is that I am on the CRAZY and Dangerous List!!!!

I suppose my ex-husband will not have to go to court just like Marty–only their victims have to go and follow all the rules and standards of the court no matter what but just remember this case started by the court system started all this mess by not following their own rules–I guess they made the rules up as they went along!!!

One more comment regarding Janie Barr who seems to be on her way to the Noblesville Board of Education is that this doesn’t surprise me at all because the people think that bribing the Judge and etc. are okay and to quote "That’s how we do it in Hamilton County." But Janie did you file joint tax returns with your husband? Taking bribes is illegal but you still have to report the money as income and pay taxes on it and if you filed a joint return what’s good for the gander is good for the goose!!!!!

Jane Barr should not be on the Noblesville School Board
Update: 4-23-2008

Jane A. Barr is now running for the Noblesville School board and has a political poster stating that to put her on the school board is to raise the Barr.  I say that to put Janie Barr anywhere near the school board is to lower the Barr to a level that the school board does not need to reach.  In this website when I stated that Judge Barr and his wife walked around my house and his intent was to intimidate victims of his corrupt court cases and to frighten and threaten his victims, Janie Barr was with him smiling like a Cheshire cat.  Janie did you realize that the single mother with two little children that lived a short distance from you was terrified of your corrupt husband who took a bribe to allow that  little five year old girl to continue to be molested and abused ????.My seven year old son was physically, emotionally, and verbally abused right in your own neighborhood.   You were in a perfect situation because none of us could tell about the abuse and brutality that we lived in until my children grew up.  Well, Janie, I can tell it now!!!  I watched your smug daughters and you and your corrupt husband strut around like you owned the world.  Janie, did you help spend the money that came from the bribes????   Janie you have no business on the school board but maybe there is a company where you could get a position planning lavish European trips for families without having to consider the cost or the source of the money that will be spent on these trips.


While I am on the Noblesville school system I may as well tell about Mrs. Bailey who taught Business at Noblesville High School.  Mrs. Bailey and her husband volunteered to “supervise” the molester when he was given visitation of the victim and her brother.  My daughter was physically abused in a church by the molester with Mrs. Bailey present and she did not even know that the 5 year old was being abused and intimidated.  Mrs. Bailey even testified at that kangaroo court case about “how wonderful the molester was”.  Mrs. Bailey did not have the education or background to know that victims can be intimidated and physically abused in a public place.   But this worked really well because when the kangaroo court judge called both children in and video taped them neither child could tell anything.  Well they can tell it now!!!!!

This was all part of an elaborate scheme to cover up a child molesting and a court bribe.  Mrs. Bailey is even listed on the court docket.  Mrs. Bailey did not know that she was used in witness tampering for what was actually a criminal case!!!   

UPDATE:  2-26- 2008


The following letter was received in the U. S. Mail on 2-22-2008.  This letter is addressed to one of the victims mentioned in this web site.  The only thing I could access from this letter is that there must be several people at Indiana University and at Indiana Family &Social Services Administration who are totally unaware of the HIPPA Law and the Americans with Disabilities Act since this letter has violated the individual named in this letter for both the HIPPA and Americans with Disabilities Act.  I guess these idiots that participated in this violation of privacy thought that since tax dollars were used by the State of Indiana that this would cancel out Federal Laws. 

When this letter arrived on last Friday I thought the letter was about registering for classes since it was from Indiana University where the named individual attends.  This student is not registered as a handicapped student and has NEVER told anyone even  related to Indiana University and academics that she was severely handicapped and has competed with everyone else with absolutely nothing special being provided.   I could not  believe what I was reading when I read this letter and I immediately called the 1-800 number listed in the letter and talked with this smart assed lady and told her not to make any contact at this number.  I then called her back and informed her that this was a violation of HIPPA.  She still had a smart assed attitude.  I then called Behavior Corp. and talked with the head administrative individual and he seemed to think that since tax dollars were used this was okay but he did tell me to call FSSA when he realized that this was a student at IU and was not registered as a handicapped student and he was nice about it.  At FSSA they seemed to be in a fog and this rude lady told me that that was a form letter when I asked to speak to Cathy J. Boggs, Director as if I didn’t already know that and she seemed to think that this made it okay.

This is being used to cross reference students who have any type of mental illness and to Label them as unstable and they need to be watched.  Any idiot could figure out exactly what this was being used for and being disguised as “RESEARCH”!   I especially like where when you call the 800 number and use your special identification number the person who has already had their HIPPA RIGHTS violated is to leave their name and number.   The patients that go to these facilities know that there are social workers and staff who will be glad to listen to any complaint and deal with the situation.  We have never had a complaint with the personnel at Behavior Corp. and they deal very professionally with their clients.

I called Medicare and they could not believe what had happened and got the correct address to send a copy of the following letter, envelope, and the Civil Rights complaint. The address for violation of the HIPPA and AMERICANS with DISABILITIES is:  OFFICE for CIVIL RIGHTS, US DEPARTMENT of HEALTH and HUMAN SERVICES, 233  NORTH MICHIGAN AVENUE, SUITE 240, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS 60601 

The address to sent a copy to Medicare and Medicaid is:  CENTER for MEDICARE and MEDICAID SERVICES, MEDICARE PREMIUM COLLECTION CENTER, P.O. BOX 790355, St. LOUIS, MO. 63179-0355

I can suggest a lot of topics for IU to research such as the number of JUDGES in Indiana who are getting rich by taking bribes, how many graduates of IU Law School have arranged and participated in bribe cases, what happens to the victims of a corrupt court system in Indiana, why doesn’t anyone notice how many Judges are living too high on the hog.  I could give IU a long list to start researching.  Feel free to contact this web site if you have idle time on your hands in the RESEARCH Department.   

Perhaps Indiana University Research could find out if the shooter at Virginia Tech used tax dollars such as in Medicare or Medicaid or did he have private insurance?  I would bet that the shooters at Columbine had private insurance.  IU Research Department could research the number of shootings at schools in the US and classify whether the insurance was private.  How do you plan on accessing all the health information on students with private insurance or is this just for the victims of bribes, poverty or etc?  Just think if the court system had not been so corrupt IU would never have been able to access the medical information because the victims would have had private insurance!



1-14-2008 UPDATE

On 1-7-08 I filed my NOTICE OF APPEAL and ordered the transcript.  I have figured out from watching People’s Court that information or an act that was done illegally cannot be defended by then quoting the law to try and cover your butt.  Fraud covers not only the act but any information or report that was written as a result of the illegal action.  Fraud is Fraud no matter how someone tries to dress it up.

12-28-07      Update


I have been researching Indiana laws most of the day trying to figure out how a group of criminals could pull off a situation like this that would cause so much damage to three innocent people.  The answer is justice for hire and I know that this is true because a Judge had to come to my home to ask me where my ex-husband had gotten the money.  “We found the money on this end but we can’t find out where your ex-husband obtained the money.”  I knew immediately that the money came from his family in West Virginia.  My ex-husband is an accountant and he had some really creative ideas on managing money—somehow even though I worked as an RN I never had any and the money seemed to disappear in thin air with no records to substantiate where it went.  So I know that the Judges and everyone else were paid but I just don’t know the amount that each one received.  But Martin Groff was paid by my ex-husband for seeing the children, but Marty never saw either one of them but yet he wrote a report!!!  The big mystery to me during this case was, why would the molester / abuser suddenly hire a local attorney from Noblesville in addition to a high priced criminal attorney from Indianapolis.  I kept hearing that “Hamilton County was a closed county” when it came to practicing law.  I have read a lot and when it comes to organized crime money is only accepted from someone they know.  Is this what is meant by a “closed county”?  I would put my ex-husband’s name out there for all to see but I am protecting my now adult children.


That whole court case was fraud and when I was ordered to go to Dr. Martin Groff this was also part of the fraud and when Marty wrote a report placing me on the insane and dangerous list he was committing fraud because I should never have been seen by Marty and the whole purpose of ordering me to go to Martin Groff was to cover up a court bribe and protect a child molester so that he could rape my daughter, brutalize my son and continue to terrorize this family and continue his domestic violence with absolutely no protection for his victims.  In Hamilton County money buys you the right to Rape a child!!!!!  Judge Jerry Barr is listed on his website as on the Board of Directors for THE BOY SCOUTS of America.  DOESN’T THAT MAKE ALL THE PARENTS FEEL WARM AND FUZZY AND SECURE!!!  JERRY ALSO TEACHES SUNDAY SCHOOL!!!   MY EX-HUSBAND HAS ALWAYS BEEN REALLY BIG ON CHURCH.  I GUESS IF YOU GO TO CHURCH AND ACT THE PART YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT.  MARTY, ARE YOU A BIG CHURCH MAN OR ARE YOU JUST AN EXPERT ON CHILDREN!!!  I DIDN’T KNOW THE TREATMENT FOR CHILD MOLESTING WAS FOR THE CHILD TO BE RAPED.  IS YOUR THEORY THAT AFTER THE RAPE THE MOLESTING EPISODES WILL LOSE THEIR SIGNIFIENCE????

UPDATE: 12-23-2007


I have not received my e-mail for this web site, but we did discover that the website had been hacked and over 3000 KB of data has been deleted and the server company is in the process of retrieving all the data.  The IP address has been recorded by the server company and every hacker has left a trail.


The judge denied the Motion for Correction of Error, but I we now have until 1-17-08 to file the appeal.  When Dr. Martin Groff saw me in 1986 he was hiding behind his Indiana License.  No where in this law is it written that he could use an Appraisal instrument (MMPI) to cover up a fraud case and protect a child molester.  Therefore when Marty released any information to anyone at all under IC25-33-1-17 false or anything he was not covered under his license because fraud is not listed as a reason on any of these laws to ever see me. When Marty withheld my medical records and hid the fact that he was deep in a fraud case and used IC 16-39 to place me and my children at risk and destroyed our lives he was participating in racketeering and bribery and used the Indiana Laws to protect himself and his fellow criminals.  Marty was not practicing within his professional license as a psychologist when he saw me, but he was practicing as a common thug.  I don’t think the Indiana lawmakers give a license to practice organized crime!!!  So Marty anything you did as a thug does not qualify you to place anyone on a list of any type and all that crap you submitted to Indiana for IC16-39- 1 through 5 came from a thug of organized crime and not as an ethical psychologist.   Marty, you are a sick pathetic LITTLE freak!!!!

UPDATE: 12-17-07

What do you think are the chances that I have had this web site for almost one full year and my entire response has been one from Citizens for Legal Responsibility telling me to call the FBI because this case sounds like a bribe!!!   Why do you think that I am not allowed to interact on the internet???  Who is controlling who and when I communicate with anyone????

UPDATE 12-20-07

I put in a Motion to Correct Error and a Motion to Appoint Counsel since the only way I can obtain that report is with an attorney since I am on the World’s Dangerous and Insane People, and my only crime was calling the Police and taking my daughter to Child Protection.  Since I was never supposed to even see Dr. Martin Groff in the first place, is this like an illegal Search and Seizure and Planting Evidence when Dr. Groff issued a FALSE REPORT to the Hamilton County Court to aid in the process of covering up their crimes? 

Have you had a court case like this?

UPDATE: 12-13-2007

I AM GOING TO Challenge the Indiana Laws that allowed Dr. Martin Gary Groff to write a false psychiatric report and keep his behavior a dirty little secret to cover up the fact that my ex-husband was able to BUY his way out of child molesting in Hamilton County.  I don’t think the Indiana Legislature had this in mind when they wrote the laws for mental illness especially DISSOCIATION DISORDER that has only one cause –abuse.  The same child molester that brought his way out of molesting a five year old was the abuser in Domestic Violence.  I have not pinpointed the exact law but Marty Groff covered up his part in criminal behavior by HIDING under IC 16-39-2-4 PATIENT ACCESS RESTRICTIONS.  This allowed Martin Groff to put me on a list of dangerous individuals (I am 63 years old and have never even had a traffic ticket) and to allow my ex-husband to rape my daughter and physically and mentally, and emotionally abuse this family and to beat us into disability. To cover up a child molesting and turn the molester lose to pray on the public this case was kept in a civil court room when as shown on 11-28-07 in Marion Superior Court that was a child molesting case which was a criminal case and the mother of the victim would not have been ordered to have a psychiatric exam by a Judge who was bought and paid for by the child molester.  This was a fool proof method to cover up a bribe!!!

This child molester has always been big on church and the churches think he is wonderful!!!   This freak even volunteers to work in church nurseries and has been known to purchase toys for church nurseries.

Like I stated I am not exactly sure which law it is, but Martin Groff used INDIANA LAW TO KEEP MY MEDICAL RECORDS AND TURN A PEDAPHILE LOSE ON THE PUBLIC!!!!  I don’t think the law makers in INDIANA had this in mind when they passed the laws.  I DEMAND MY MEDICAL RECORDS!!!!!


UPDATE: 12-2-2007
Appeal to be Filed

Our malpractice was dismissed with prejudice in court, but Martin Groff we will be filing our appeal and have already printed the papers for this appeal.  The now adult children who at the time of the original court case were five and seven would not only have had to appear in court but to present their case themselves since we did not have an attorney.  I attempted to protect them when they were growing up and did not discuss this case with them until over a year ago.  I did not know that they both had to be in court at this case because we did not have an attorney and that is the law.  I feel that I made the best decision for them because the appeal process is just written.  To appear in court would have been too traumatic for them because this could have triggered a breakdown on the molestation victim having to hear very personal information and my son feels so much guilt because as a seven year old he didn’t protect her and later protect this family through the years of violence and abuse.  A court appearance would have created more injury for the now adult victims.

The Judge did say that the case from 1986 was established as a child molestation case and not a child custody case.  I don’t know very much about the law but since child molestation is a crime this case would not have been in a civil courtroom and as far as I know the mother of the molestation victim would not have been threatened with jail and losing her children if she did not go for a psychiatric exam by Dr. Groff.  The victim’s seven year old brother would not have been ordered to see Dr. Groff and since he never did that is even better.  I would also think that the victim’s established doctors would have had some input in who was ordered to question the victim.  In this case everyone but the actual molester was treated like criminals.  I don’t think that the child molestation victim is subject to visitation with the molester so she can be abused and afraid to tell what happened.  The victim’s brother would not have been subjected to visitation with the molester/abuser so that neither could tell about the abuse. 

My argument on the statue of limitations was presented poorly since I am on Social Security Disability for DISSOCIATIVE DISODER that is caused by abuse or being a POW, or etc, but the fact that Dr. Groff did not diagnose Domestic Violence is past ridiculous because I had my very FIRST dissociative episode while in a room taking the MMPI and I thought I was just tired and extremely stressed.  I slipped from a situational depression into DISSOCIATIVE DISORDER and never had a clue that anything had changed, but Martin Groff had to have known because this disorder would have shown up on the MMPI.  The absolute worst treatment for this disorder is abuse and Martin Groff wrote a report that produced more abuse.  If my attorney had been given the report immediately as he requested, he would have told me that I needed to see a psychiatrist immediately.  My now deceased attorney was married to a therapist and he would have realized the significance.  Martin Groff refused to give my own attorney a copy of this report stating that since this was a civil case he did not have to release the report to him, but he released my psychiatric report to the ex-husband the molester because it took me a few years but I finally realized that he was quoting a psychiatric report to verbally abuse me and my children.  Examples are my son “doesn’t need to go to Dr. XXXXX because the only reason he goes is because you are crazy”, “XXXX doesn’t need to take his medicine because the only reason he is taking it is so he will not agree with me”.  My sister who supported the molester/abuser liked to say “Dr. Groff straightened this out and Dr. XXXXX didn’t know what she was talking about and if he hit you, you deserved it”. This was all in front of the children. WELL MARTY THERE ARE INSTRUCTIONS IN THE APPELLATE COURT INFORMATION THAT TELL HOW TO GET AN ORDER TO COMPEL YOU TO RELEASE THE RECORDS AND I PLAN ON FILING!!!!!  Since your report was passed out like flyers on windshields and since you are claiming to have destroyed it maybe you could go around and collect some.  AND MARTY WHEN I GET THEM I PLAN ON MARKING OUR NAME OUT AND MAKING THEM PUBLIC SO THAT THE PUBLIC WILL KNOW WHY YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS PRACTICING!!!  THEY ARE OUR RECORDS AND WE CAN SHOW THEM OFF, BUT YOUR NAME WILL BE ON THEM!!!!

#1 I could not be expected to know.  I did mention the HIV/WISHARD case that was over turned on appeal because the man could not have known that he was actually negative.

I could not possibly know that I had DISSOCIATIVE DISORDER and was in the process of having a breakdown because no one told me and believe me a person cannot figure that out by themselves.  We have never gotten the medical records even though the original written request was in June or July, 1987and I was ignored.

#2 I could not be expected to know on the problems with the actual court case because I had to be told and given a court docket and told to get an attorney but since I could not get an attorney I filed the 3 malpractice cases within the 2 year time frame from when I knew about the UNUSUAL things that occurred.

The second area was Judicial Immunity and the people appointed by the Judge also have Judicial Immunity

#1 This was a “SPECIAL” court case so therefore neither the judge or anyone appointed by him could have immunity other wise the court room would become an AUCTION with justice going to the highest bidder.

#2 I am pretty sure that having established the original case as a child molestation case instead of a child custody case would do something to immunity but I don’t know what.

The most difficult part of the case for me with my disability was at the end when I had a dissociative episode and could not even answer the Judge.  I was trying to request that the case not be dismissed but I felt like I was in a tunnel but I could hear the Judge from a distance and even when she asked if I understood I could not answer because I was trying to stay in the courtroom mentally and not totally have a black out where I couldn’t remember what happened at all.  She tried several times but I could not respond appropriately even though I could hear her from a long distance.  Most of the case I just felt like I was in a fog.

If anyone knows anything about the law in the areas mentioned above please e-mail me through the blue form at the bottom of this website’s home page.

Just think that if we were criminals we would have had an attorney appointed, but since we are just victims of sexual abuse, child abuse, domestic violence and the court system we aren’t eligible for legal aide because now that we finally qualify financially legal aid does not do civil cases!

Up Dated On 5-10-2007
Three Medical Malpractice Complaints for Martin Gary Groff Ph.D 20010411
Dr. Groff writes "SPECIAL" reports for "SPECIAL" court cases!

Update:  8-13-2007  This was not a child custody case.  The divorce was long final and this was a CHILD MOLESTATION CASE!!!

Martin G. Groff,PhD. through his attorney Roni L. Goldman has attempted to cover up his part in covering up a crime by manipulating information to make this child molestation case as part of a child custody case.  This was Not a Child custody case. I as the mother had Total uncontested custody of both minor children and my divorce was final on November 12,1985.  There was no question of my losing custody except to threaten me After I was divorced when I kept saying that my daughter was being Molested by her father on the week end visits.  I kept calling the Noblesville police just as I was supposed to do and was told that she was now old enough to tell what was happening to her.  I took her to the Hamilton County Department of Welfare and she was questioned by their expert and then the Hamilton County Department of Welfare  called Steve Nation the prosecuting attorney  in Hamilton County and stated that my 5 year old daughter was being molested by her father.  The rest of this is already on my website.  THIS WAS NOT A CHILD CUSTODY CASE!!!!    THIS WAS A CHILD MOLESTATION CASE!!!!    THIS WAS A CRIME THAT WAS HID UNDER A DIVORCE AFTER THE DIVORCE!!!!!  Telling me that I would lose my children was used as a threat to Control me.  MARTIN G. GROFF WAS PART OF COVERING UP A CRIME!!!!     There is another report from a psychiatrist that states what the real situation in that family was, but MARTIN G, GROFF WAS THE ONLY PERSON I COULD GO TO!!!!  Does this sound a bit fishy?   ASK YOURSELF WHY WHEN HAMILTON COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF WELFARE CALLED STEVE NATION HE ASKED ABOUT THE KIND OF WORK THAT THE MOLESTER DID AND WHO WAS HIS ATTORNEY!!!!    Could you figure out the economics with that information???? I could!!!!    THERE ARE A LOT OF OTHER WOMEN TELLING THE SAME STORY.  WHAT A COINCIDENCE!!!  ALL OF THESE OTHER WOMEN ARE CONTROLLED WITH THE THREAT OF LOSING THEIR CHILDREN!!!!  THAT IS A VERY EFFECTIVE THREAT!!!

Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing!!!
Update:  6-29-2007

Is This Another One of Dr. Groff's "Special" Reports?
UpDate: 7-5-2007

Growing up in abuse at age 2, 3, 4, and 5. (Memories)
Update: 7-11-2007

Abuser Ordered By Virginia Judge into ANGER MANAGEMENT for DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.  Update 7-15-2007

Two letters to Bob Strohmeyer. 
Update: 7-28-2007


Second letter to Bob Strohmeyer.

Robert W. Strohmeyer, Jr.                                                                                July 26, 2007

Mitchell Hurst Jacobs & Dick, LLP

152 E. Washington Street

P. O. Box 44911

Indianapolis, IN 46244-0911




Noblesville, Indiana XXXXXXXXXX


Dear Robert Strohmeyer, Jr.:






We have agreed to request you to serve as Chairman of the Medical Review Panel in the above referenced matter.  In the letter from his attorney she states that the Defendant will be filing a motion for the preliminary determination in the next 30 days.

As soon as I find out where the Defendant is filing for this preliminary determination I will also file a motion that the cases be heard by all and everyone because:


#2 Martin Groff wrote a report on my then children and MARTIN GROFF NEVER SAW EITHER CHILD.

#3 This is a criminal case and it has been filed within the two year period of time that this was discovered.  We had until October 2007 to file.

#4 As part of a criminal case the fact that this case was in the late 1980’s only shows that a psychologist who writes false reports for court cases should have been stopped years ago.  My children and myself are not the only victims of “SPECIAL” reports from Martin G. Groff and he is currently licensed to practice in the state of Indiana.

#5 When Martin G. Groff performed his behavior he obstructed justice and caused damages to the point that myself and my two adult children will never recover from his reports

#6 I will file a motion that to deny the victims their rights in the proper Malpractice Cases is to place Martin G. Groff above the law in the state of Indiana

#7 I will ask that Martin G. Groff’s license to practice be suspended until his victims have all filed their cases.  These cases span a period of years and Martin G. Groff should not be allowed to create additional victims by continuing to practice.  THIS SUSPENSION OF HIS LICENSE IS TO PROTECT THE CITIZENS IN THE STATE OF INDIANA.

#8 Martin G. Groff should not have been allowed to ignore his victims for 20 years and refuse as he has continued to do to give medical records to the victims.  This has been blocked by him and the court that had to know they were getting false reports that were used to cover up a crime and to obstruct justice.  I will ask for Martin G. Groff to be ordered by the court .to supply all of the medical reports that he has written .on me and my now adult children.

#9 Since I am not crazy as Martin G. Groff quite obviously wrote I need these reports.   THE REPORTS WILL TELL IT ALL AND MORE.  Since when does a victim of 17 years of domestic violence deserve to be abused????  That report is a real piece of work that created abuse.

#10 I will petition that Marin G. Groff not be allowed to hide and has to finally face justice for all the damages he has created and to not to get to deny his victims their rights.  HIS BEHAVIOR WAS INTENTIONAL AND HE KNEW HE WAS CAUSING HARM TO INNOCENT VICTIMS!

#11 Martin Groff intended to cause harm and should be prosecuted for his part in obstructing justice.

#12 That if you are the Chairman you need to be supplied with a legible copy of all three Malpractice complaints because from the copies from the Defendant’s attorney are almost impossible to read even if you wanted to read it and this is an attempt to manipulate the Malpractice Process that is available to the victims in the state of Indiana and to try to deny the victims their rights.

#13 I will petition that part of my damages are the fact that I can’t get an attorney in the state of Indiana because the court case that resulted in Martin G. Groff even being involved is part of a vast number of court cases that covered up crimes.




 I will be glad to send you a legible copy of all three complaints if you are the Chairman.




                                                                                Yours very truly,



                                                                                XXXXXX X. XXXXXXX, XXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXX XXX, XXXXXXXXXX X. XXXXXXX

Growing up in abuse.

I remember the abuse that my father inflicted on my mother.  For example, one evening when I was little dad beat the living shit out of mom and her hands were covered with blood.  Because this happened so frequently and the police were called as usual and nothing was ever done.  The usual routine was that he would start an argument and he would lose his temper and hit her and then she would call the police.  If the police did come to the house, then he would disappear either upstairs in a dark room or leave the house.  The police would arrive and talk to my mother and basically tell her that they could not do anything because there was no evidence and then when the police left, my father would come out and arrive through the front door and everyone would go on as if nothing ever happened.  There was another beating event in Virginia where he struck her on the stair landing that was just inside our front door.  She told dad that she would call the police and he quickly left through the front door.  When the officer arrived, I remember he had a partially bald gray haired head with silver glasses that were shaped like mine, he took my mother and I to the police station to make a report.  As we were entering the garage the metallic green gate rose vertically upward and we drove in.  In the small interview room with fake wood wall paneling and modern brown carpet with an electric space heater sitting on the floor, we were sitting at a table while the police officer told us that he could not do anything because of this or that.  Then he drove us home and left us there.  Dad arrived through the front door a few hours later.  I tried to go on as if the event never happened; however, these physical abuse events usually occurred about one out of every two or three days.  There was another event where late one night XXXX was crying in her room and Dad told her to stay in her room.  When she continued to come out into the hall crying and walking into the master bedroom, he pushed her through the hallway into her room while he screamed at her.  Then he took one of his office ties and tied one end onto the door knob and the other onto the staircase trapping XXXX in her room.  As he stormed away into the master bedroom he grumbled angrily “That will shut you up!”  I saw this event because I was standing in the hallway watching while all this happened.  There was another event where Dad was eating cereal out of Mom’s green crystal dish at the kitchen table and when she asked him to pour the cereal into another bowl. He picked up the dish and threw it across the room into the kitchen sink.  I remember it because it appeared to travel through the air slinging milk and cereal and rotating in slow motion.  There were many events in my childhood where things appeared to happen in slow motion and I don’t know why.  I find writing about this makes me angry and extremely upset.  My doctor has asked me about the abuse of the family and I have told him a lot of things.

Abuser ordered by Virginia Judge into Anger Management for Domestic Violence.   Update 7-15-2007

In Fairfax County, Virginia, a Judge ordered the abuser into Anger Management for Domestic Violence after there were so many calls to the Police for repeated calls for domestic violence.  My son was 2yrs 9months and my daughter was 9 months old at that time.  Their success rate at that time for anger management for domestic violence was a FAILURE rate of 96%.  The abuser became even more angry after the 2 hour class.  At least Fairfax County recognised Domestic Violence when they saw it.  In Noblesville, Indiana, the police were at my home for domestic violence numerous times before and after the divorce.  The calls to the police for domestic violence continued until Judge Barr in Hamilton County threatened to take my children if I "continued to cause problems".  Then I was afraid to call the police.  Where are all the records of all those police reports for domestic violence in Hamilton County?  Virginia has theirs and the children that are grown now and can remember the abuse remember the Noblesville Police being in our house just as the police were at our house in Virginia.  So why after I have been divorced for almost 22 years and separated for 23 years are we still trying to keep the monster away from us?

Knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Dr. Martin G. Groff is the weakest link to this court case other than me and I have all my information in a safe place because I made mine public.  When I was in the process of figuring this out I kept wondering why anyone would be so interested in everything I did, where I went, and who I spoke to and what I said, but I was just in the process of figuring this out and I was baffled why it was so important to discredit me by telling everyone that I was crazy and why would it be so important that I move away especially why would the abuser/molester/rapist keep telling my then children that they would be moving away and I kept telling them that I was paying off my house and I didn’t have any intentions of moving away.  My son was told by the abuser/molester/rapist that “something was going to happen and we would move away” and I was puzzled as to what could possibly happen after all the things that had already happened such as not being able to keep a job and telling everyone that I was crazy.  Well, when I went to court in 2000 for my first restraining order and proceeded to tell about that court case I did not really understand why there were so many upset people but I noticed an increase in my unusual events.  Before the only time that I felt that I was in physical danger was when a man tried to push me in front of a car and I broke my ankle when I fell.  I was frightened but I thought it must have been some nut and had nothing to do with me until I received a phone call that made me realize that this wasn’t a random nut but that I was the intended victim.  I was terrified but I didn’t know why this would happen to me.  After I went to court for the restraining order I noticed an increase in unusual events.  Almost immediately I had a brick missing everyday out of my over 100 year old brick sidewalk and believe me the bricks were very hard to get out.  I immediately replaced the brick because it was placed right beside the hole.  The next morning I had exactly the same thing happen and I thought that it must be a child who had taken out the brick and I replaced the brick again.  After about two weeks of this happening every single morning I came to the conclusion that this wasn’t a child because as anyone knows children would tire of this after a time and just quit on their own and besides I had made it a point to watch and it happened sometime between 11pm at night and seven in the morning and I don’t think very many children are out at that time of night.  I was afraid someone would fall on this brick sidewalk and I would get sued.  I called all the appropriate departments with no help and the whole thing sounded crazy even to me.  I called my insurance company which has always been right in town and asked who would get sued if someone fell on the sidewalk from that missing brick.  My insurance company knew all about my brick sidewalk because they had heard it openly discussed that the brick was being removed so that “someone will fall and get hurt and that I would be sued and lose my house”.  The insurance company told me to call the police and told me that they did not know why but “there are a lot of people who want you to leave”.  They suggested ways to cement the bricks in and told me that if someone fell that I would be sued but the city would also be sued and they had a lot more money.  I called everyone I could think of and had absolutely no help at all the street department did send me some extra bricks but nothing else.  This went on for over two years and I kept detailed documentation of all the people I had called and the dates and times of the missing brick.  I wrote numerous letters with details to city departments and nothing was done and the response to me was that I was crazy—the only people who knew I wasn’t were my insurance company.  After over two years I finally decided that I had had enough and I did not replace the brick.  Within a week the brick was replaced and it has never happened again.  After that I was constantly harassed by the various city departments about things that were always wrong with my yard or etc. and the complaints were always anonymous and constant.  Since I had had complaints for almost twenty years even when I worked and had lawn service I still didn’t get that this all was connected to that court case.  The complaints were always anonymous and one time I went up my street and listed three pages of house numbers that had the same problems with a bush being to high or etc. and asked why hadn’t these people gotten a complaint, but they had not had an anonymous complaint like I had and a complaint is the only thing that counts.  I finally came to the conclusion that it really didn’t make any difference what I did because I was starting to figure that these strange and unusual occurrences had nothing to do with anything except that I needed to move away but I still hadn’t gotten WHY.  I started to get it when I realized in a phone call to a city official’s office that the office staff knew about the brick in my walk being dug up and thought there wasn’t anything wrong with this.  This city official was in a position where they are obligated to call the police if they know of a crime that is being committed.  I realized from that that I was dealing with a conspiracy but I still did not know why.  I started eliminating everyone who I had ever worked with because I no longer worked and the common denominator was Noblesville and as far as I could figure the only major event that had occurred that covered this twenty year period was that court case.  When I would go to garage sales I had some really unusual responses that I have previously listed as “That’s how we do things here and etc. to a totally different response.  Several little old ladies and even some younger people took me aside and told me that “YOU NEED TO BE CAREFUL__THEY WILL PUT A HIT OUT ON YOU!”  At first I thought this was crazy, but I now know that I uncovered the MOTHER LODE and this is a very dangerous situation.


If all this plus tons of other things could be done to try to shut me up, WHAT COULD POSSIBLY HAPPEN TO SOMEONE WITH A LOT OF KNOWLEDGE WHO IS THE NEXT WEAKEST LINK?   IT IS SAFER TO SING YOUR GUTS OUT! I feel much safer with this website.

I am willing to take a lie detector test from the FBI (which is supposed to be the most accurate) regarding everything on this website.  I especially would like to take a lie detector test from the FBI regarding all the abuse since I seem to be unable to renew my restraining order in Hamilton County against this monster.  Perhaps Prevail or the Coalition of Domestic Violence in Indiana will help us obtain three of the cell phones that only call 911 for our safety.  We need one for each of us!  We will all pass on the first lie detector test and won't need over 200 Private lie detector tests as in that court case.  The Hamilton County Department of Welfare testified in court after that private lie detector expert testified and the Hamilton County expert on child molestation testified that "she didn't care how many lie detector tests the he had taken that XXXX was being molested by her father".  When I asked the child psychiatrist that my daughter was in therapy with if the molester would molest her again and she stated "it depends on how badly that court case scared him".  The  best defense  is the truth.

Is this another one of your "special" reports?

Dr. Martin G Groff, is this another one of your “special” reports?  When I worked at XXXXXXXXX Hospital on psychiatry I met another RN who came to work part-time on psychiatry for about a three month period of time at the extreme most.  The similarities between my case and this case have to be more than a coincidence.  This RN was “crazy” as was the information that went through the grapevine.  This RN wasn’t “crazy” as had been reported but was quite obviously emotionally destroyed and was terrified but not “crazy”—there is a difference.  The reason I remember her so well is that I thought that she looked the way I felt because I too was emotionally destroyed and terrified!  I was so afraid that I would lose my children that I was afraid to ask her if what had happened to me had also happened to her.  She now lived with her mother in Carmel, Indiana, because she had lost custody of her children who at that time were about 9 and 11 years old.  Her ex-husband had gotten custody of both children and now lived in their house with his new wife.  Previously this RN was an ICU nurse at the other major hospital in Indianapolis but she had been “diagnosed” as “crazy” and was according to some report she was another “crazy”.  I related to this because my background before I had my children was ICU’s—CCU, Medical ICU, Surgical ICU, and the most time was Neurosurgery ICU.  In fact I was the RN in charge when the second Neurosurgery ICU in the United States was opened.  In fact I was the RN that wrote all the by-laws, policies and procedures and etc. when that unit was opened at the second largest hospital in the United States, but now I was also labeled as “crazy” after having a court ordered psychiatric exam by Dr. Groff.  After I had my children I decided to work psychiatry because this was a field I was interested in and the pace was a lot slower than an ICU.  I am so glad that I did because it enabled me to know that I wasn’t “crazy” no matter what Dr. Groff’s report or anyone else said.  I also knew that this other RN wasn’t “crazy” and I could tell that she knew she wasn’t “crazy”.  I would have lost my children if I had not had both of my children in therapy with a child psychiatrist and she took it upon herself to refute Marin Groff’s report.  Her statement when she read Groff’s report was that “he will get those children over my dead body”.  THIS WAS THE ONLY REASON THAT I DIDN’T LOSE MY CHILDREN AND THAT MONSTER GET CUSTODY.  This other RN had probably never had a reason to be around a psychiatrist or a reputable psychologist before that “crazy” report was written.  Even the child psychiatrist warned me that if I didn’t stop trying to get help that I would lose my children.  But I knew that there was something “rotten in Denmark” with that whole court case and that psychiatric report. SO DR. GROFF WAS THIS RN ANOTHER ONE OF YOUR REPORTS?  DID SHE GO FROM BEING A VERY HIGH FUNCTIONING INDIVIDUAL TO “CRAZY” BECAUSE SHE HAD A DIVORCE?  ISN’T IT A COINCIDENCE THAT SHE SUDDENLY WENT CRAZY AND HER EX-HUSBAND GETS CUSTODY?

Dr. Groff I am curious who contacts you when you need to write a “SPECIAL” report?  Are you verbally told or is it written down who needs a “special” report?  Was it always the same person who contacted you for a “special”?  How many “special” reports have you written since you received your Ph.D. from Purdue.  I bet Purdue is really proud of you!

Another question that I have for you Dr. Groff is why when the case was over and I lost did you present your bill to the court?  BUT I AM SO GLAD THAT YOU DID!!!  I stated in the court room in the presence of my attorney, the judge, my ex-husband and his attorney “DR. GROFF HAS NEVER SEEN THE CHILDREN”!  THE JUDGE GAVE MY ATTORNEY A LOOK THAT COULD KILL! We were at what I now know was a hearing (standing in front of the judge) and the court reporter was there recording all of this and the fact that suddenly my ex-husband and his attorney volunteered to pay Dr. Groff.  I have another question.  WHY WASN’T THIS BILL SENT TO THE INSURANCE SINCE THE CHILDREN WERE COVERED BY HEALTH INSURANCE THAT WOULD COVER NO MATTER WHERE THEY WENT?  Was it because to file a false claim would have been insurance fraud?  This health insurance had already paid 80% of the bills from Dr. XXXXXX at XXXXX Hospital for Children.  He is a child psychologist that the child psychiatrist used for diagnosis.  I KNOW DR. GROFF NEVER SAW EITHER CHILD!  HOW MUCH DID YOU GET PAID FOR THE “SPECIAL” REPORTS ON THE CHILDREN????


Have You Had A Court Case Like This???

Were you involved in a court case in Hamilton County, Indiana that involved child abuse, molestation, or domestic violence that was in Judge Jerry Barr’s court (Family Court)? Did you first go to Hamilton County Department of Welfare who then called the Prosecuting Attorneys office? Steve Nation was the Prosecutor at the time of my daughter’s case and he was who the Dept. Of Welfare contacted after the interview with my daughter and this contact was made with me present and the thing that I remember as most significant was his need to know who the abuser’s attorney was and what was the abuser’s occupation. Steve Nation was the only person who I ever spoke to in the Prosecutors Office regarding the sexual abuse of my daughter.  When I went to Steve Nation’s office without an appointment I was immediately taken in to see him. He was quite obvious that Steve Nation Prosecutor did not want me to talk to anyone else. Were you ignored and when you insisted that the Prosecutor do something to stop your child from being abused/molested , were you told that "as soon as she can tell the date and time"? Did you receive two letters from Steve Nation as I did that he couldn’t do anything until she could "tell the date and time." My daughter had just turned 5 and she had been molested since she was 6 months old. The molester was never interviewed by the police. In your case was the molester/abuser ever questioned by the police?

Did you have a Civil Court Case in Family Court not Criminal Court where the Department of Welfare testified that the child was being molested/ abused? Paul G. Smith, Master Commissioner, was the Judge in the court room and he is the one who asked the children about the abuse during this case AFTER he had given supervised visits to the abuser–these visits were supervised by HIS FRIENDS and my daughter was physically abused during these "supervised" visits. Needless to say they were both too afraid to tell anything. Does this sound familiar?

During your case were you ordered to have a court ordered psychiatric exam from a psychologist? I was sent to Dr. Martin Groff.  Who were you sent to? Dr. Martin Groff, psychologist, must have never dealt with a victim of severe domestic violence where the abuser’s violence and brutality were documented by medical records and where the police had been called in five states including Indiana over a seventeen year period. Was your court ordered psychiatric report made public and was it used to publicly embarrass, degrade, humiliate and control your behavior especially when you tried to get assistance with the child molestation, child abuse and domestic violence that continued on a daily basis? Undoubtedly Dr. Martin Groff thought that the violence, abuse, and sexual molestation were all in my head. Maybe Dr. Groff would like to challenge a plastic surgeon in McLean Virginia who treated a rare facial fracture? This plastic surgeon stated when she walked in the room and looked at the x-ray on the wall "I know what this is, this is domestic violence! The only people who get this type of fracture are professional athletes and domestic violence." These were the first words the plastic surgeon ever said to me. My children were ages 6 months and two years old.  I am an RN and I worked psychiatry at a major hospital and this report was made public and I was told by other staff members that I was crazy and this report was passed out to the point that I had trouble holding a job. This report was also made public to all my neighbors, schools, and etc. This report was also made public to the molester/abuser and to my sister who believed the report. This family was in a horrible situation of abuse and we did not even have a support system. A psychiatrist wrote a rebuttal for Dr. Martin Groff’s report about all the abuse and etc, but this report was ignored by Judge Barr and his Family Court. I lost my court case and the abuser was allowed to continue all of his behavior –child molestation, child abuse, and domestic violence even though I was divorced. Were you ordered to have family therapy by the court psychologist even though there were medical records to support a history of violence and abuse? Does this sound familiar to you?

One thing that stands out in that court case was the fact that a private lie detector specialist testified that the molester had taken over two hundred lie detector tests. Why would anyone take so many and why were the police not allowed to give him one if he wanted a lie detector test so badly? I bet the Noblesville Police could have figured out the answer with one and the child molester would not have had to pay for it. In your case did something similar happen?

When you tried to get help, were you threatened by Judge Jerry Barr that you were "causing problems" and did he threaten to take your children? Were attempts made to make it so difficult for you that you it was quite obvious that you needed to "leave the area"? 

My attorney for this case was Keith Leach, deceased, who was married to a therapist and he was unable to obtain the report from Dr. Martin Groff because according to Mr. Leach Dr. Groff told him that he didn't have to give it to him because it was a civil case. I sent a letter to Dr. Martin Groff when this case was over requesting that psychiatric report and I was ignored. This report was used to publicly degrade, embarrass, humiliate and control my behavior. I had no idea why until I recently found out that on that kangaroo court case that there were a few things that were wrong with the case. Mr. Leach who represented me and my daughter filed the civil case because the Prosecutor Steve Nation refused to do anything. It was my case but the ABUSER’S numerous witnesses went first. My ONLY person to testify was the Department OF WELFARE who stated that my daughter was being molested by the abuser. THE DEPARTMENT of Welfare EXPERT WITNESS WAS REMOVED FROM THE WITNESS LIST AND HER TESTIMONY WAS BURIED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ABUSERS WITNESSES.!!!!!! Wonder why? Were they trying to hide something? It was my case and I went last at least number 11 or 12. I had never been in court before and I had no idea that there was an order to a case. I guess Master Commissioner Paul G. Smith and Judge Jerry M. Barr didn’t know either that court cases have an order and I guess they both missed that class in law school when the law professor lectures on DO NOT REMOVE A WITNESS NAME FROM THE WITNESS LIST!!! Mr. Leach told me that I would loose this case if I appealed it and that it was so expensive that I wouldn’t be able to afford it. I guess Indiana Court of Appeals wouldn’t know who comes first either. Is this one of those cases where it's up for discussion–like which comes first the chicken or the egg? Did you have a case similar to this that went to the Indiana Court Of Appeals? Did you lose? What is your opinion as to why the order of a case was reversed and why was the name of my only witness removed from the witness list and her testimony about my daughter hid to the point that it had to be hunted after I insisted that Hamilton County Department of Welfare had testified that my daughter was being molested? This was my only court experience and I have never had a traffic ticket, so this court experience was totally new to me.

The ABUSER’S attorneys were William C. Potter and Deborah L. Farmer.  All of these names came from the court docket!

Please give me some feedback and tell me if you also had this experience because after several years of thinking that this had only happened to this family I learned that there are numerous cases like this. Please share your experience! You can remain anonymous because I know first hand about the power and control these people have and how they can retaliate if someone dares to make these kangaroo court cases public.

UPDATE:  After my divorce I suddenly received a letter on July 9th stating that my ex-husband  wanted to take me to court for something --I remember this distinctly because my sister and I had taken both children to Kings Island for their birthday that was on July 10th(typical abuser to ruin all the holidays ,weekends, and any special occasion). 
The court docket on this case is very confusing because after studying this for awhile  I can see that an obvious attempt was made to present the child molestation case as never having passed through the Prosecutor Steve Nations hands, but the docket has an item  dated 10-21 and listed as Action Note 70  17  where my ex-husband is asking to have his visitation restored as an emergency order in what is now Family Court.  There is no mention in this docket as to why his visitation was stopped and that is because his visitation was stopped by Steve Nation on September 4.  This is the day that Hamilton County Department of Welfare notified Steve Nation that my daughter was being molested by her father.  From sept 4 to 10-23 is the period of time that I mentioned earlier as the waiting period for Steve Nation to act and during that period of time was when I went to his office and when Steve Nation wrote me the two letters mentioned earlier.  The game is played in these cases by waiting for the prosecutor to act and then the molester/abuser demands his rights as a father in family court.  And the molester/abuser was granted his right to abuse the children.  This is noted in Action Notes 70-21, 22, and28.  On 10-24 is when Keith Leach (deceased) starts to represent me and my children--this is Court Action 70 22.  
ON 10-23  court action 70 22 is actually the beginning of that civil case even though the court docket is made to mislead as to exactly what was going on at that time.  I was there, I know and the rest of that court docket is almost entirely that civil case even though it is made to look like it is just part of my original divorce.  None of this civil case is in the microfilm section and I have been repeatedly told by Hamilton County Courthouse "it's all down there''.  NO IT ISN"T.  An attempt has been made in what was put in microfilm to make me look like an idiot--Where are all the abuse letters that were certified and listed on the court docket.  These letters tell of the horrible abuse that was happening to this family.  I was told that Judge Barr took  them home when he resigned.  I JUST BET HE DID!  WHY WEREN"T ALLTHE LETTERS PUT OUT FOR PUBLIC VIEWING!  What are you hiding? 
ON 11-14 Keith Leach filed my witness list --one witness Hamilton County Department Of Welfare.  Court action 71 ?, but the action before was 70 30.  I guess Sonia Leerkamp didn't want to be left out and her name was listed for 12-22 court action 72-17  ON 4-21 I lost the case and The molester/Abuser was given Mother's Day to make up to him for missing his visits. He RAPED my daughter about FIVE Years Later!!!!!!!!  He got away with it all!!!! 

Three Medical Malpractice Complaints For Martin Gary Groff Ph.D 20010411

Before the Department of Insurance

State of Indiana




Martin Gary Groff PhD 20010411

Health Associates

Suite 320

9240 North Meridian Street

Indianapolis, Indiana 46260-1811

Marion County



Comes now the Plaintiff, XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXX, and for her complaint for damages against the Defendant, states as follows:

1.        That plaintiff XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXX was sent to Dr. Martin G. Groff for a Hamilton County Court Case for a court ordered psychiatric examination.  When I called Judge Barr’s office to see if I could go to someone else because of my health insurance, I was told by a lady in his office that I “had to go to Dr. Martin Groff or I would be put in jail and my children would go into foster care and my ex-husband (the molester/abuser) would be given custody and that I needed to go really soon to Dr. Groff.” I was so frightened by this that I made my appointment with Dr. Groff immediately and went to his office and gave him a check for 139.00 dollars which was my grocery money. I went to his office sometime in late October or November 1986.  This is part of a criminal case that was found and I have until October 2007 to file a malpractice case.  The reason I can not give the date that I saw Dr. Groff is part of the damages that were suffered since my ex-husband was allowed to do anything he wished which included taking anything out of my house that he wanted such as my birth certificate, my divorce papers, my copy of my marriage license, tax forms and any and everything he so desired to take or destroy.  I had no ability to stop him because if I called the police I “was causing problems” and could lose my children –this went on for thirteen years until my daughter was eighteen.  I couldn’t even tell anyone what was happening to us because I was sent a letter from Judge Barr that stated that he was watching and checking to see if I was “creating problems” and the letter read that “don’t think I won’t ask these people what you are doing”.  Judge Barr lived so close to me that I could see his house from my front porch and front yard.  Judge Barr and his wife walked around my house on a regular basis and he told Dr. XXXX XXXXXX to tell me to be careful when I backed out of my driveway that I didn’t run over him.  I was so frightened by Judge Barr and the court system that I was afraid to open my mail unless I knew the source or sender. . The cancelled check and my check record book have long since disappeared out of my house.  I cannot tell you the exact date that I saw Dr. Martin Groff because I have never been able to get Dr. Groff’s report.  The court case that resulted in a court ordered psychiatric exam is better explained on my website www child molestation in  I am attaching a printed copy of this website for the reason that it saves me having to explain what happened in that court case.  Please leave this attached because it is part of my official complaint and basically explains the criminal behavior that was involved that sent me to Dr. Martin Groff in the first place. The only thing that was mentioned in the directions that could not be sent was medical records.

2.        Said psychiatric examination rendered by Dr. Martin G. Groff was INTENTIONALLY negligent and below the appropriate standard of care.  When I first met Dr. Martin G. Groff I was surprised that he introduced himself and didn’t ask me any questions or anything, but just looked at me like I was a specimen.  His manner was very cold and arrogant. I asked him how long the MMPI would take and he told me.  His entire verbal exchange to me could not have been more than ten words and that included telling me that the secretary would show me where to take the test.  I was extremely uncomfortable by his manner and I felt stressed by this initial and only interview.  I worked as an RN on psychiatry at XXXXXXXXX Hospital and I had never witnessed anyone being so cold and arrogant to a patient or any one they met.  The only psychologists that I had ever met were the psychologist at XXXXXXXXX Hospital who occasionally came to the floor and Dr. XXXXXX at Riley Hospital—both of them acted in a normal manner.  I felt very anxious and intimidated before I ever started taking the test and I felt that something was just not right.  As a survivor of what was at the time seventeen years of horrible domestic violence I had learned to trust my gut instinct.  I remember going into the room and starting to take the test.  I had to go to work later and I felt pressured to get this over with as soon as I could.   The next thing I remember was that I had a vague sensation of waking up and it seemed to be a lot later because the light outside the window appeared to be different.  The feeling was so vague and spacey that I thought it was just that I was tired and stressed over the whole situation.  This was the very First time that I had ever experienced this sensation but it certainly wasn’t the last.  It was always just a vague sensation that was very fleeting but nothing I could put my finger on and I had no reason to tell anyone.  I thought I was fine since Dr. XXXX XXXXXX who had treated both of my children on a weekly basis for over two years and saw and talked to me every week had told me that I was in a situational depression and I needed to get out of the abuse.  The way this conversation came up was that one of the RN’s I worked with told me that she had taken her son to Dr. XXXXXX and that Dr. XXXXXX had told her that she needed therapy and she asked me if Dr. XXXXXX had told me that I needed therapy and I told the other nurse “No, but I will ask her when I have the kids in the office next Monday”.  I told Dr. XXXXXX what this nurse (I remember her name) had told me and I asked her if I needed therapy?  Dr. XXXXXX told me “No you don’t need therapy and if you ever do I will tell you.  You are in a situational depression and you need to get out of the abuse.”  I was divorced and was still unable to stop my ex-husband from coming to my house and abusing us.  When I tried to get someone to help me get a restraining order I was told.  “He has to do something first”.  I figured that as soon as he killed me that I could get a restraining order.  This vague sensation that I had  experienced the First time while taking the MMPI in Dr. Groff’s office would continue through the years and I still didn’t tell anyone because I thought I was just tired and stressed and I did not know the significance of these vague fleeting episodes.  I remember several years later when I had the children in Dr. XXXXXX’s office and I had the same vague sensation of waking up and Dr. XXXXXX is saying to me in like a surprised voice that I was abused as a child  and I thought what is she talking about—but I still had not put it together.  A few years after that I was verbally abused by my sister in my own house and she was obviously quoting a psychiatric report .She was furious and told me that “I was a liar and that no one had ever abused me or my children and my daughter had not been molested”.  She was very angry and told me that “I had not been abused as a child and that I was a monster that I had lied on our mother who had died almost thirty years before”.  My sister also told me that “Dr. XXXXXX did not know what she was talking about and that none of us had ever been abused by their father and that Dr. Groff had straightened this out”.  I still didn’t put it together what was happening to me.  This vague sensation continued to occur and I had never told anyone until I saw Dr. XXXXXXXX .psychiatrist, in 1997 for depression and I told him that I thought that I was losing time and he nodded “Yes”.  My children were still underage and I was afraid to tell him about the abuse we were living in.  When he asked me if I had any relatives or anyone I told him “No”. My sister totally supported my ex-husband and had joined in by verbally and emotionally abusing me and my children.  By this time my whole world was one of daily abuse with no chance to escape because my ex-husband came to my house every day and continued to abuse all of us. I was put on all kinds of antidepressants with absolutely no results because the big problem was that I was being abused and was unable to tell anyone about the abuse because I would lose my children.  When I saw the Social Security psychologist she asked me to tell her about the abuse.  I did not answer her because my children were still under age and I did not trust her to help us or I thought that she might make things worse than they already were if that was possible and I had only two years left before my daughter was 18.  In my mind if we could just survive until the children were adults the situation had to improve.  I have been on Social Security Disability since 1998.  I feel that Dr. Martin Groff was intentionally negligent because he never once asked me about the abuse and from his manner I now realize that I was one of his “SPECIAL “reports for a corrupt court system.  If I had been diagnosed and gotten out of the abuse I would still be working today.  This is the equivalent of finding out that a person has Stage I cancer and never telling the patient until they discover ten years later that they have Stage 4 terminal cancer.  At the time that I saw Dr. Groff I had been in seventeen years of abuse and being divorced did not stop this monster from abusing the whole family.  I went through three attorneys when I filed for divorce in Hamilton County and told about the domestic violence, child molestation, and child abuse that had been going on  and NO ONE  would help me even get it into the court records.  This was totally ignored.  I was told by three attorneys including the last one who was the least expensive who did the divorce that “ALL WOMEN SAY THIS WHEN THEY ARE GETTING A DIVORCE”.  When I asked the attorneys to get us a restraining order because of the violence and abuse I was told “YOU HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL HE DOES SOMETHING FIRST”.  I concluded that as soon as he killed me then I could get a restraining order!  The abuse from this man was on a daily basis—I cannot name one day when me and my children were not abused.  Before Dr. XXXX XXXXXX treated my son she had a session with each parent individually and one of the questions she asked was to tell her a fun time during my marriage.  I could NOT think of one day that was free of abuse.  The abuse was so extensive and severe that I still to this day have never heard of anyone in domestic violence that has experienced it.  Prevail in Noblesville said they had never heard of anything like it.  This is very upsetting for me to write about but if it is necessary for this complaint I will go into it for the panel—just let me know.  Some of this was chasing me around the house with a pellet gun and shooting me and the cat.  Keeping all the shades, drapes and etc closed so that the only way you knew it was daylight was to look at the clock—no one could ever look in.  I was isolated from everyone and was not allowed to talk about anything, but I had to constantly listen to this monster rant and rave.  I was asked constantly what does that expression on your face mean.  The brutality was often without any warning such as reaching over to touch my  hand and slamming  my hand down on the table as hard as he could, dumping a big bowl of spaghetti on my head, destroying everything in the house—but none of his personal possessions.  He would drive the car and make me sit close to him so he could constantly hit and kick me.  I never had one time during these seventeen years when I did not have bruises including when I was pregnant.  He beat me within a day after I was discharged from the hospital after C-sections. When I called the police he always talked his way out of it and his favorite phrase was “She is crazy” and he was totally calm and cool.  I called the police in Fairfax County Virginia and begged the police to take me and the children to a shelter and the best I could get was a thousand dollar peace bond which was a real joke –they sent him right home and he continued his behavior without interruption.  He abused both children and started molesting my daughter when she was six months old.  Life was a nightmare.  One of his favorite expressions was “You’re so pretty when you’re crying”.  Every day when I came home from the hospital he asked “Did you sleep with your N-------r orderly today”.  He beat me in the face in the car because when we were driving down the street he thought a man on the street had looked at me.  He would get up in the middle of the night and throw flower pots with dirt and plants all over the house, glass jars of cold cream, he punched 26 holes in the wall that went up the staircase and then tore the stair banister down.  When I was painting a room he came in and threw a gallon of paint all over the room.  He wanted me to wear clothes that no one could see through, not even a shadow of anything. He threw entire meals all over the house because I had not done something right and he always said “Now you clean this up.” Before the children were born he said he was so angry because I worked and that things would be prefect as soon as I quit working.  When I was pregnant I was too ill to work and he told me on a daily basis that I was “a fat ugly cow and that I needed to get off my lazy ass and go to work.”  When I took my son to Dr. XXXX XXXXXX and told her about the abuse—she was the first person who believed me about what was happening.  Whatever happened when she saw him alone I did not know but she did not buy his act.  Ask yourself why Judge Barr took those letters home and collected all the others that I wrote in 1987.  Since then I have added so much abuse and brutality that it makes me feel physically ill to bring it all back to write about.


Dr. Martin Groff has refused to give me my medical records and there is no way that this psychiatric report could even remotely be called anything else and he has consistently refused to release this report to cover up a crime.  During this court case Mr. Leach my attorney now deceased could only get the computer printout of the MMPI—a page full of behaviors – I saw this  and told Mr. Leach that  we needed the real report.  Mr. Leach said that Dr. Groff refused and stated “this is a civil case and I don’t have to give it to you”.  On this page of behaviors there weren’t any numbers  such as DSM numbers so that it could be figured out.  I do remember that one of the behaviors was “does the right thing and thinks other people should also do the right thing”.  After the case was over and I lost the case and the abuse and molestation were allowed to continue with the courts approval.  The court had issued its decision on 4-XX-87 the abuser/molester was given Mother s Day 1987 to “make up to him for having to go through this”.  Around June or early July 1987 I sent a written request to Dr. Martin Groff requesting a copy of this report and I repeatedly called his office and talked to his secretary about when Dr. Groff would send me a copy of this report.  She said “Your letter is on his desk and it is up to him if he sends it to you”.   She would put me through to voice mail and I left numerous messages.  I did this without even telling my attorney because I did not need an attorney to get my medical records only a written request and I didn’t want to run up any more legal bills.  I talked to some of the doctors at XXXXXXXXX Hospital when I realized that Dr. Groff had no intention of giving me my report and had some new ideas about getting my report when I received the second letter from Judge Barr that was mentioned above that terrified me to the point that the next thirteen years were spent in terror and I was afraid to even open my mail if I did not recognize from the envelope who had sent it.  A copy of this letter from Judge Barr was sent all over to Dr. XXXXXX, my children’s school, the Noblesville Police, and etc.  Dr. XXXXXX told me that “if I didn’t stop I was going to lose my children”.  My children and I lived in a nightmare for the next thirteen years.  The abuse of my children was horrible and my daughter was raped at her paternal grandmother’s house.  Both children were constantly verbally and emotionally abused on a daily basis with my son getting more physical abuse than my daughter.  I simply became numb to the abuse because we had to survive and that monster getting custody of the children would he been even worse for them. 

In 2000 after my daughter had a breakdown we all three went to court to get a restraining order without an attorney.  Prevail helped me get the papers filed.  In the court room the abuser/molester/rapist’s attorney was late and the judge said “We‘re going to start anyway because they don’t have one either”.  I took the child molestation papers that had been given to me by the Hamilton County Department of Welfare that I had hidden in my house so well that it took me two weeks to find them—I knew that if he ever found those papers that he would destroy them and we would have no proof that anything had ever happened.  I told the judge about that court case and the molestation and the fact that the Department of Welfare had testified that her father had molested her.   The monster says “But I was acquitted of that.  “The judge told me “He was acquitted”.  I said “You can’t be acquitted in a civil case”.  The judge had his mouth open in shock for the rest of the case—we finally got a restraining order over the monsters loud protest of threatening to appeal.  NONE OF US HAVE SEEN THAT THING SINCE__THE RESTRAINING ORDER IS CONTINUOUSLY RENEWED.  No Contact with me and the only contact with the now adult children can be through the mail.  I was still afraid of Judge Barr, but in December 2003 it was in the Noblesville paper that Judge Barr was resigning.  I had written a letter earlier in the year to the Department of Welfare stating that Hamilton County and Judge Barr condoned child abuse.  On December 23, 2003 I saw this in the paper and I went to the court house in Hamilton County to get a copy of Dr. Groff’s report. As proven by the court docket there had not been a peep out of me for over sixteen years regarding that case.  I went to the Hamilton County Court House and asked to see the psychiatric report that had been written on me.  The clerk who now seems to think that that report doesn’t exist called upstairs to Judge Barr and then told the other lady in the office that Judge Barr said to call Dr. Martin and tell him that I “was trying to get that report”.  I was sent all over the court house with the Hamilton County Sheriffs Department following me around.  This is all in the court docket with another entry that my written request for this information was somehow unable to be delivered because I had given the wrong address.  My address was not only correct but it is the very same address that I had during the court case that is listed on the court docket and the same house that Judge Barr walked around to intimidate me.  When Dr. XXXXXX read the report that was sent to her by Judge Barr ordering me to have family therapy with my ex-husband she would not do family therapy and she issued a report in response to Dr. Groff’s report. Dr. XXXXXX made the comment to me “he will get custody of those kids over my dead body!” Hamilton County has denied me both of these reports.  After going to the court house that day on December 23, 2003, I again contacted Dr. Groff about obtaining my report and he again ignored me and refused to even respond at all.  On December 31, 2005 I was in the emergency room with my son after I had called 911 for a medical emergency.  I had not been in the ER for 19 years and I knew no one at the hospital.  When the ER doctor came in he started quoting what I had figured out years before was Dr. Groff’s psychiatric report.  The doctor was very angry with me and I was unable to tell the ER doctor about my son’s chronic medical condition because it was obvious that he thought I was crazy, I filed a Civil Rights complaint because Dr. Groff’s psychiatric report was written with the sole purpose of covering up criminal behavior by discrediting me and this report was made public to the point that not only had this report destroyed three peoples lives but it was now interfering with 911 emergency care.  Civil Rights knew that I had been denied my medical records and they wanted me to try again to get the medical records.  Civil Rights told me exactly what to write and the time frame for a written response.  All this was sent by Certified Mail.  I am including a copy of our request for the psychiatric reports that Dr. Groff had written and a copy of his response.  Dr. Groff’s hand written response states that my legal guardian must sign the consent for the release of his report and a copy of the form he sent to us and the agency that is requesting it and why.  NONE OF US HAVE A LEGAL GUARDIAN OR NEED ONE.  ONLY IN HIS SICK DREAMS!!!  When I called the Attorney Generals office about his refusal, he changed his story to the records were destroyed years ago and his secretary had written the printed letter and sent me the enclosed form.  Look at the enclosed form and letter and tell me who you think sent this to me.  Hamilton County Court refuses to release any reports and now the Hamilton County Clerk seems to think there never were any reports.  Civil Rights told me to go through the whole process anyway and I did.  If Dr. Groff had destroyed the records, why would Dr. Groff think that I needed a legal guardian and he should have known that why I wanted my medical records was none of his concern.  Dr. Groff’s refusal to give me my medical records is because he writes “SPECIAL” psychiatric reports for certain court cases and my case was one of his “SPECIAL” reports to cover up criminal behavior.  Another use of this “Special” report from Dr. Groff was to take a person who had been terribly abused for seventeen years and by this report to assure that I could never escape from the abuser and to use this report to assure that no one would believe me.  This report is written in such a way that any one who reads it not only doesn’t believe anything I say but then abuses me also.  An example of a response when I have tried to get help was “You are a nasty woman and you deserved everything that happened to you!”  When I asked Prevail for help and they went to the Hamilton County Court House and spoke to Judge Barr they came back quoting Dr. Groff’s report and that was the end of my help there.  My sister stood in my house and told me that my ex-husband should have abused me and that I deserved it.  My sister also had the gall to have my out of state brother and sister come to Indiana and had a meeting about being my guardian.  I had a restraining order on my sister and none of us have had any contact since 2000.  Dr. Groff’s report promotes abuse and isolates all of us and leaves us with absolutely no support system at all.  My son used an advocate at XXXXX to assist with a situation and the advocate treated my son absolutely wonderfully and I appreciate this, but this same advocate treated me like I was an animal.  I had no one to help me with this public abuse situation until Civil Rights joined the party. 

3.     That as a proximate result of the INTENTIONAL negligence of the Defendant, the Plaintiff, XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXX, has incurred damages to the point that there is absolutely no amount of damages that could ever come near to covering the extend of the damage that Dr. Martin Groff has Intentionally inflicted to cover criminal behavior.  There is so much that I don’t know where to start?  The very fact that I am writing my own malpractice complaint for damages is part of my damages.  I have called all the lawyers in the phonebook, the bar referrals, the Indiana State Supreme Court, and finally was told that with a criminal case I would have to get an out of state attorney that could practice in Indiana.  My only consolation in this is that I was not the only victim that was sent for a “Special” report.  I have called so many attorneys and been told how “crazy” I was and I have been talked to like an animal—that report has been made so public that my whole world and my children’s world has become abuse—but Dr. Martin G. Groff’s DIRTY LITTLE SECRET is not going to remain a secret.  The fact that I can’t get an attorney in the state of Indiana says loud and clear that the corruption in the court system is so wide spread that all they have to do to continue their criminal behavior in the courts is to deny access to the court system to their victims and I have been told that the time on this case will run out and that’s what they’re waiting on..  I have been told this numerous times that “nothing is going to happen and no one will be prosecuted or be sued for damages because the victims can’t get an attorney.”  When Dr. Groff became part of a crime he took my right to legal representation.  I feel exactly like the man who wrote to the US Supreme Court and stated that he was in prison for life for a crime he did not commit because he had not had an attorney at his trial.  Well, the Justice system might look really good on paper but in reality when you become a victim of a corrupt court system that has absolutely nothing to do with justice—the court system is not available to their victims.  THIS IS NOT POLITICS—THIS IS CORRUPTION.  The checks and balances that are supposed to exist in the court system are nonexistent if the abuser/molester/rapist has the means to corrupt the courts.  I repeat that Dr. Martin Gary Groff is not going to keep his dirty little secret a secret.  Let me start with the abuse from my ex-husband who came to my house every day from 1987when the court case was over and continued until I obtained my first restraining order in 2000.  I have a total of 30 years of domestic violence and abuse.  After Dr. Groff’s report I could not even call the police or make any attempt to get help because  Dr. Groff  INTENTIONALLY wrote a report in order to hide a crime   That monster came in my house all hours of the day and night and did anything he so desired which was to continue his past behavior.  He broke the glass out of my front door when we attempted to lock him out.  He would appear in the upstairs hall in the middle of the night and I would not know until one of the children was screaming for help.  He brutalized both of my children and me.  The verbal and emotional abuse was so terrible and there was never any escape.  My son slept with a metal baseball bat under his bed for all those years and the only difference now being is that he has finally put it in his closet.   The images of what happened to my children are engraved on my brain and I will NEVER forget.  My daughter was raped by this freak at her paternal grandmother’s house (my son woke up in the middle of the night) and I saw my fifteen year old son covered in sputum when he came home after being with that THING.  MY son told me after the restraining order that he had to go on the visits because that MONSTER told him if he didn’t go with him that he would go to court and make my daughter go.  Dr. Martin G. Groff should have his license removed and be prosecuted and sent to prison for his participation in covering up a crime.  On top of the abuse from that FREAK you can add the fact that I was abused by people I didn’t even know and my life became one of abuse after that report and continues to this day.  Every time I had a job it would be a matter of about a month and I was starting to hear pieces of what I figured out was that psychiatric report—there was no escape until I could no longer work.  I am on Social Security Disability for Major Depression and abuse and there is no family history of depression and I have not worked at all since 1997.  I was so afraid of the court system that condones brutality, child abuse, child molestation, and domestic violence that I was afraid to tell the doctors because my children were underage.  When I was in the hospital for a broken ankle the nurses gave me a phone to use before I went to surgery and I called my children when they came home from school and told them that I would be home the next day and about food and etc.  My children called me back about an hour later and were begging me to come home because that MONSTER was in the house and they were being abused.  I had to get a restraining order on my sister that lives here because of the verbal abuse to me and my children over your report.  My daughter was told by my sister that her father had never molested her and that I was crazy.  My son was told by his father that the only reason both children went to Dr. XXXXXXXXXXX was that I was crazy—this was said in my house to me so many times I can’t count.  My son was told that he didn’t need to take his medication that was ordered by Dr. XXXXXX because I was crazy and he had a report to prove it.  After I finally had a restraining order the abuse continued from the public and I have a grand total of 37 years of abuse—20 of this abuse were after I saw Dr. Martin Gary Groff. After we finally got the restraining order the only place we could get away from abuse from the public because of Dr. Martin Groff’s report was in our house. I always knew that one of these days I was going to straighten this out so that Dr. Groff’s dirty little secret is no longer a secret.  Just so you know there is absolutely no way you are going to cover this up.  I find having to write about the abuse and thinking about the abuse of my children so upsetting that I will stop but if the panel has any questions I will be glad to answer them.

WHEREFORE, the Plaintiff, XXXXXX X XXXXXXXX respectfully prays for an award against the Defendant in an amount that will fairly and fully (fully is impossible) compensate Plaintiff for all losses, injuries and damage, for the cost of this action, and for all other just and proper relief.

                                                                                                   Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                                                __                                           XXXXXXXXXXXXX____________

PHONE XXX XXX XXXX                                    ADDRESS:     XXXX XXXXX XXXX


Date: 5-10-2007                                                                                                                                       




The Second Medical Malpractice Complaint Filed Aginst Martin Gary Groff Ph.D 20010411





Martin Gary Groff PhD 20010411

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Suite 320

9240 North Meridian Street

Indianapolis, Indiana 46260-1811

Marion County


                                                                PROPOSED COMPLAINT FOR DAMAGES

Comes now the Plaintiff, XXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXX XXX. , and for his complaint for damages against the Defendant, states as follows:

1.       That Plaintiff, XXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXX XXX, WAS NOT a patient of the Defendant, Martin Gary Groff PhD and has NEVER seen this man in his life.  Dr. Groff wrote a psychiatric report on XXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXX XXX. , during the period of time from 10/31/86 until 10/20/87 that was part of a court case to cover up a crime.  It was about one year ago when the Plaintiff and his mother became aware that there was such a report. XXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXX XXX was seven years old at the time.  The actual court case was over on 4/XX/87, but according to the court docket Dr. Martin G. Groff submitted his bill to the court on 10/XX/87.

2.        Said writing of a psychiatric report by the Defendant was negligent and criminal because he NEVER saw the seven year old at all.  As his mother I am writing this complaint for the Plaintiff because I remember very well the circumstances that led up to this court case and all the things that went on during and after this court case.  I am enclosing a copy of a website that explains how Dr. Martin Groff came into the picture and the criminal behavior that was involved during this court case.  Please leave this information attached because it is part of the complaint and it saves us the trouble of explaining the case.  The website is WWW.child molestation in  On 10/31/86 I was ordered to cooperate fully with Dr. Groff   for an evaluation of myself and both children.  I went and I have filed my malpractice complaint and I kept waiting to be notified that I was to take the children but nothing was ever said again to me or to my attorney.  I did not take them because I would have to pay the difference that was not covered by the health insurance and then attempt to collect half of this amount from their father and I did not have the money to do this.  XXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXX XXX started seeing Dr. XXXX XXXXXX, child psychiatrist, when he was 4 and 1/2 years old and he remembers her very well.  He also remembers Dr. XXXXXXX XXXXXX, child psychologist, who he saw at least two years prior to his supposedly seeing Dr. Groff and he remembers Dr. XXXXXX very well and he saw him one time only.  XXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXX XXX also remembers going into the court room and being questioned by the judge and the presence of a lady who sat beside him and the court reporter.  XXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXX XXX still has no memory of Dr. Groff and “never met anyone he wasn’t introduced to when he was on those so-called “supervised’’ visits.  Also ON 1020/87 when I found out that Dr. Groff had submitted a bill, I told my attorney Keith Leach, deceased, that Dr. Groff had never seen the children.   That is why it was such a shock that Dr. Groff had written a report and the Plaintiff and I his mother became aware of this about one year ago.  Attached is a copy of the written request that was sent to Dr. Groff and Dr. Groff’s response and how Dr. Groff refused to give the Plaintiff his medical records. 

3.        That as a proximate result of the negligence of the Defendant, the Plaintiff XXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXX XXX has incurred a whole life-time of abuse.  This is a total of 27 years—he was seven years old when this court case occurred and Dr. Groff was part of a an attempt to cover up a crime and issued reports that resulted in the Plaintiff suffering 20 additional years of abuse from his father and the public when these reports were made public to cover up a crime in the court XXXX’s life was a nightmare before the court case and a nightmare afterward.  I was physically, mentally, and emotionally abused while I was pregnant with XXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXX XXX and I went to the hospital with bruises from his father.  I was admitted with a blood pressure of 280/210 for a C-section and I was pre-eclamptic and was in the hospital for a week with an RN present for the first three days when I held the baby.  Before I was discharged from the hospital the doctor spent about fifteen minutes in my room telling XXXX’s father that I should not be doing anything but taking care of the baby—that he needed to take time off from work or etc. and do all the cooking and etc.  That abuser/molester/ smiled and just agreed to everything.  But here is the reality—he took off from work all right and fixed ONE meal.  XXXX’s paternal grandmother had come to visit and the day after I had been discharged from the hospital I awakened around 8AM to find that there was no one in the house but me and the baby.  XXXX’s father and grandmother had left to go into Washington, D. C. to tour the area.  I went downstairs with the baby to find that the only thing to eat was a can of tuna which I wasn’t supposed to have because of the salt.  I was nursing the baby and finally ate the tuna because I was so hungry.  XXXX’s father and grandmother returned at 8:30PM that night and I asked them what we were going to eat that night and I was told by his mother that they had eaten out and that they would have brought me something but I was on a special diet.  XXXX’s father stood there and laughed.  This was his paternal grandmother’s FIRST GRANDCHILD!  The next day I took the baby and went to the grocery store—I wasn’t supposed to be out of bed except to take care of my son.  His father entertained his mother and did nothing.  The most horrible thing was when I went for my 6 week check-up and the ob doctor measured me for a diaphragm and told me to not get pregnant for at least a year because I was still ill and I could die.  I told my husband and the next day he wanted to have sex!  HE HAD TAKEN MY DIAPHRAGM AND TORN THE WHOLE BOTTOM OUT OF IT AND PUT IT BACK IN ITS CASE!!   I THOUGHT HIS BEHAVIOR WAS UNUSUAL FOR HIM BECAUSE HE ALWAYS BEAT ME UP BEFORE SEX!!   How many children go to the ER with their mother when she has been beaten up?  How many 6 month old children have sat in a carriage in their kitchen with their mother at the sink and saw their father slap their mother back and forth across the face for about twenty times.  When that court case went on this was the world of a seven year old boy who not only was physically, mentally, and emotionally abused himself but watched this violence on his mother daily .His sister was abused and molested and XXXX awakened in the middle of the night at his paternal grandmother’s house when his sister was raped by their father.  There was no where that he could escape this environment..   I could write a thousand pages on the abuse that XXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXX XXX has suffered and the things he has witnessed.  One of his father’s favorite things to say to XXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXX XXX was ‘”the only reason you are going to Dr. XXXX XXXXXX is for your mother—that therapy is for her—she is the one who is crazy”.  Another was “you don’t have to take your medicine—the only reason you are on that medicine is because you were put on it so that you wouldn’t be on my side”.  He repeatedly made fun of XXXX by telling him that he had to go to a psychiatrist and he (his father) didn’t.  Another thing was the public image where his father told how he had been lied on by his family and the churches thought XXXX’s father was wonderful.  I have often wondered if they would have maintained their opinion if XXXX’s father had succeeded in getting one of the children to work in the nursery. so he could have an excuse to go down to the nursery to check on them!  XXXX slept with a metal baseball bat under his bed for protection from his father because he would suddenly appear in the upstairs of our house.  All the times that XXXX found himself in the car with that monster and he couldn’t escape.. If you need to know all the details on this I will gladly tell the panel.  That is where XXXX was spit on to the point that his clothes, face, and hair were wet with sputum.  The time XXXX called me at work to tell me that his father had broken the glass in the door because he couldn’t get in.  XXXX was abused until he was 20 years old by his father and in 2000 we all went to the court house and obtained a restraining order and it is continuously renewed.  My daughter told me that XXXX would go out with his father and take the abuse so that she wasn’t forced to go.  XXXX confirmed this to me that he did this to protect my daughter and to keep me out of court.  I did not know this at the time.  Dr. Martin Groff you are a sick little pervert that deserves to not only lose your license but you should go to prison.  After the restraining order in order to discredit this family and cover up a crime the abuse became so terrible to my son at XXXXXXthat he is no longer attending to get his degree until we get this all straightened out and this means Dr. Groff paying damages for destroying my son’s childhood and his life..  XXXX is on Social Security Disability.  Dr. Groff has a prefect score on creating an environment that is a recipe for Social Security Disability.  He is running three out of three. Dr. Martin G. Groff needs to work for the Defense Department in psychological warfare because he is so good at writing reports that make sure the environment is prefect for abuse.

WHEREFORE, the Plaintiff respectfully prays for an award against the Defendant in an amount that will fairly and fully compensate the Plaintiff for all losses, injuries and damages, for the costs of this action, and for all other just and proper relief.  It is impossible to compensate someone for a lost childhood.

                                                                                Respectfully submitted,


Phone –XXX-XXX-XXXX                         Address:   XXXX X. XXXX  XXXXXX

                                                                              Noblesville, Indiana  XXXXX


This complaint was prepared by XXXXXX X  XXXXXXX, Mother of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXI and another one of Dr. Martin Groff’s victims.

The Third Medical Malpractice Complaint Filed Aginst Martin Gary Groff Ph.D 20010411

Indiana Department of Insurance

Before the Department of Insurance

State of Indiana




Martin Gary Groff PhD 20010411


Suite 320

9240 North Meridian Street

Indianapolis, Indiana 46260-1811

Marion County


                                                                                PROPOSED COMPLAINT FOR DAMAGES

Comes now the Plaintiff, XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXX, and for her complaint for damages against the Defendant, states as follows:

1.       That Plaintiff XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXX was NOT a patient of the Defendant, Martin Gary Groff PhD and has NEVER seen this man in her life.  Dr. Groff wrote a psychiatric report on XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXX, during the period of time from 10/31/86 until 10/20/87 that was part of a court case to cover up a crime.  It was about one year ago when the Plaintiff and her mother became aware that there was such a report.  XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXX was five years old at the time.  The actual court case was over on 4/XX/87, but according to the court docket Dr. Martin G. Groff submitted his bill to the court on 10/20/87.

2.         Said writing of a psychiatric report by the Defendant was negligent and criminal because he NEVER saw the five year old at all.  As her mother I am writing this complaint for the Plaintiff because I remember very well the circumstances that led up to this court case and all the things that went on before, during and after this court case. I am enclosing a copy of a web site that explains how Dr. Martin Groff came into the picture and the criminal behavior that was involved during this court case.  Please leave this information attached because it is part of the complaint and it saves us the trouble of explaining the case.  The website is WWWchild molestation in  On 10/31/86 I was ordered to cooperate fully with Dr. Groff for an evaluation of myself and both children. I went and I have filed my malpractice complaint.  I kept waiting to be notified when I was to take the children but nothing was ever said to me again or to my attorney and I could not afford to take them.  When I took the children to the doctor I had to pay the part that was not covered by the insurance and try to get part of the money back from their father and I could not afford to pay for this. XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXX was in therapy with Dr. XXXXXXXXXXX, child psychiatrist and had been in therapy with her for at least over a year.  When my son started going to Dr. XXXX XXXXXX when he was 4 ½ years old I tried to get a babysitter for the Plaintiff but on one occasion I could not get a babysitter and the Plaintiff had to go and Dr. XXXXXX said just bring her all the time—Dr. XXXXXX actually saw the Plaintiff for over a year before she ever became her patient.  The Plaintiff became her patient when she started having some inappropriate behavior at the pre-school that both of my children attended.   I had told Dr. XXXXXX that her father started molesting her when she was 6 months old.  Dr. XXXXXX referred her patients to Dr. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX, child psychologist at Riley Hospital and the Plaintiff had seen Dr. XXXXXX at least one year before this court case.  Dr. XXXX XXXXXX sent a report to the court after she was notified by Judge Barr that we needed family therapy.  I do not know what is in Dr. Groff’s report since he has refused to give the report to the Plaintiff, but Dr. XXXXXX made the statement to me that “he (meaning their father) will get custody of those kids over my dead body”.  I have a copy of the actual transcript from the Department of Welfare after my just turned 5year old daughter was taken to the Department of Welfare after the Noblesville Police sent us there.  The copy of the picture that shows where she colored her father’s penis does not show on the copy, but I bet the Hamilton County Department of Welfare has the original report that will show not only where she colored the end of his penis red but also colored her pubic area red.  I can furnish copies of this molestation transcript at the panel meeting. The plaintiff was taken into a court room AFTER she had been physically abused on these so called “supervised “visits by his friends and videotaped with the Judge questioning her about the abuse.  There was a court reporter present and some women that sat beside the Plaintiff while the Judge was conducting Kangaroo Court and questioning this child after letting her be abused by her father.  I don’t know who this woman was but she was present at both the children’s interviews— but when I find out I will add her name to my website as a participant in Hamilton County’s kangaroo court to protect a man who later raped my daughter.  The Plaintiff was abused by her father when she was still in the womb and it continued until she was eighteen years old and we all went to court and finally obtained a restraining order.  When I was pregnant with the Plaintiff there was not one day when I did not have bruises and her brother who was less than two years old was also being physically, emotionally, and verbally abused—the police were called on numerous occasions but the abuser would smile and be so nice that he ALWAYS got away with it.  Both children have the same birth date –they are exactly two years apart.  When I was about 5 months pregnant I started having trouble breathing and was retaining fluid. My doctor said that the baby was in a breech position and was pressing on the inferior vena cava that returned the blood to the heart.  I was so short of breath when I had any type of exertion and I had a child less than two years of age to care for plus all the abuse.  I will never forget when this Monster came home from work and started slapping me because I wouldn’t mow the yard.   I forgot to mention that I had to see a physician at Georgetown University Hospital for high risk patients and the Georgetown physician made the decision when to do the C-section.  After I went home from the hospital it was just a repeat of what had happened with my son.  He smiled and listened attentively at the hospital—all smiles and wonderful and a Monster at home. There was so much abuse of my children and myself that I could write forever on this.  One of the things my beautiful little girl did was when a telephone repairman came to my house and was talking to me about the repair of my telephone line that he needed to do was that she kept trying to get his attention by flirting and etc.  She then got in front of him and unzipped his pants.  The man turned fire engine red and dropped his clip board trying to zip his pants.  Dr. Groff if you had actually seen my daughter maybe you would have known that she was being molested when she unzipped your pants!  My son at pre-school did not know that boys stand up to urinate.  The pre-school teacher asked me if I had a family member that could show him and when I said “no” she had one of the other little boys show him.  In my daughter’s molestation papers she knows that her father stands up to urinate and everything else.  Dr. Martin Groff intentionally wrote a report that we have never been able to obtain that put the Plaintiff in danger and put her in an environment where she was physically, emotionally, and verbally abused.  She was molested and raped by her father.  When the Plaintiff was about 15 her father balled up his fist to hit her in the face and the Plaintiff said that she would call the police and her father was so sure that he could get away with anything that he said “Records can be burned”.  Dr. Martin Groff is a sick little pervert that needs to not only lose his license but should be prosecuted and sent to prison  for his part in trying to cover up a crime.

3.        That as a proximate result of the negligence of the Defendant, the Plaintiff XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXX has incurred damages that can never be totally compensated for by the Defendant.  My daughter was molested for a period of years by her father and later was raped in her paternal grandmother’s house.  Her brother woke up in the middle of the night.  The physical, emotional, and verbal abuse is so enormous that it would take a year to write it down.  Her life was a nightmare so horrible that it makes me ill to write about it.  Her childhood can never be replaced and she lived in this until she was eighteen.  Dr. Groff’s reports were written with the purpose of covering up a crime and all of this was made public to use to publicly embarrass, degrade, and dehumanize a child and later when kangaroo court realized that their criminal behavior was going to be made public the information that was written by Dr. Groff to cover up a crime was made public to everyone and even though my daughter is a senior at XXXXX the only place she can avoid abuse is inside our house.. Hamilton County is a very unusual place in that the only people that can see anything wrong with what happened during this court case and afterward seems to be mostly the victims.  The people in Hamilton County seem to think that this type of behavior in court is “normal” and have repeatedly told us “that’s how we do it in Hamilton Count and if you don’t like it you should leave”.  The people in Hamilton County seem to feel that being able to “manipulate “criminal behavior  is just fine—it assures them that they can basically “get away with anything including molesting children, domestic violence and etc”.  But wait until they become one of the victims then see how they like having a corrupt court system.  To publicly abuse the victim and to make it difficult for her to finish college is as sick as Dr. Groff and everyone else who participated in kangaroo court.  THIS ISN’N POLITICS!  THIS IS CORRUPTION!!!  The only reason that Dr. Groff has never had a malpractice case is because NO ONE CAN GET THEIR RECORDS!!!!  Also the victims are such outcasts that they cannot get an attorney—the reports of Dr. Groff are made public so that no one will help the victims of this corruption that condones child sexual abuse, child abuse and domestic violence.

4.        WHEREFORE, the Plaintiff respectfully prays for an award against the Defendant in an amount that will fairly and fully compensate the Plaintiff for all losses, injuries and damages, for the costs of this action and for all other just and proper relief.  I almost forgot to add that in one family this is the third person that Dr. Groff has successfully made sure that the nightmare environment that he condones has placed his third victim on Social Security Disability.  I feel that Dr. Martin G. Groff has missed his calling and he needs to be employed in psychological warfare for the Department of Defense.

                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,


Phone: (XXX)-XXX-XXXX__________________                                Address:  XXXX XXXXX. XXXXXXXXXX

Date:__5-10-2007________                                                              Noblesville, Indiana  XXXXX



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